Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Law of Abundance

The law of abundance or the law of multiplicity is really the same law or principle of the creative process of the universe and it is impersonal so it works for everyone and everything in creation. This principle of multiplicity was what was meant when the creative power of the universe the Lord God said to Adam and Eve in Genesis of the Bible, “Be fruitful and multiply.”
This statement is based on the Law of Abundance and is mathematically correct and is the basis of calculus and trigonometry. Everything is a multiple of three. This is what is called the Trinity. The Trinity is the basis for all sciences. The basis for the movement of all power, force and energy in the universe and is the same movement for the creative force of the universe. The only thing with the material forces such as electricity, atomic energy, solar energy, mechanical energy is that it is stepped down, but the same laws that are applied to electrical energy are the same laws of the universe. This is how the universe operates and this is how the Creative power or God works.
The law of the triangle is based on three principles cause, medium and effect, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is always a source of power and the power source is at the top of the triangle and is both negative and positive at the same time. Now we are referring to an upright triangle which is the way to bring into manifestation a thing. The right angle of the triangle is always positive and is the son point and the left angle of the triangle is always negative polarity which is the Holy Spirit point. As you reach up to the source the Father and Mother God you then become the Son or Daughter or the form and medium in which this creative force will move. This force always needs a channel in order to move. The reaching up is where you make a conscious contact and this is where you ask and then this action is received in the Universal Mind and then becomes positive as it is returned via the Holy Spirit who then becomes the form for spiritual or intuitive guidance.
Three is the manifestation of form and this is where the idea becomes a thought in a tangible and recognizable form.
Another form of the triangle is the triangle of mental action.  The top point is comprehension, left point is assumption and the right is realization. With comprehension comes curiosity and openness to a higher resource of Mind. This is a form of higher communication such as prayer and meditation (asking and receiving from Divine Mind.
An actor needs to study his script and comprehend the meaning of his character. This is where there is an intellectual meeting of the mind and concept that needs to be developed and comprehended or understood. Then the actor must assume the character standing in front of a mirror reciting is lines over and over until he can remember them. Here he is beginning to take on the personality of the character in the script. The realization comes when the actor can own the character and through osmosis absorb the character to the point it is now the actor. Here he can feel and see and sense completely what it is to be this person. There is a saying, fake it until you can make it. If you assume that there is a unlimited resource within you that you can tap into at any time and where it will meet your every need and desire and you can visualize what that desire is and can feel it as if it is real, then it will surely manifest as long as there is nothing to negate the prayer. The prayer of communion meets every need.
One can examine everything in creation and one will see a trinity of form. Spirit, mind and body, Idea, thought and action are other examples of the law of the triangle.
The law of Abundance works through this triangle in all things. Remember the Sun rises on the just and the unjust meaning the law of multiplicity is impersonal and works on every one no matter what the intention or the motivation might be. Whatever one believes or thinks will manifest on some level. ‘As a man/woman thinketh so shall it be.’ Everything is a manifestation of thought on some level. It may not manifest per se in a physical form, but there will be an appearance or an event in time and space and on some level of manifestation.
Watch out for your thoughts, be vigilant by observing what thoughts are going in and out of your mind and be discerning of that which you truly desire and weed out any thoughts that you do not want to manifest and replace those thoughts with the opposite that you do want to manifest.
If you desire to know what the Creator or the Fathers Will is and that only then one must be come still and listen to what the Divine Will is for you in your life each and every moment of your day. Let it become a habit! If you do that consistently then you will experience a fruitful, abundant life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and you will break the habit of not Knowing. I mean in every aspect of what you life is being. The more you allow in the spiritual motivation and Inspiration of what is to come, your consciousness will expand and operate from a true sense of Wholeness and completeness in everything you think, say or do.
Practice daily as much as you remember and affirm that you will remember more your practice of being the Presence of what God the Creator is being in you. Let that Presence fill your mind and heart and body. Move in concert with the Divine Movement of your being that is the Fathers Will and purpose of your life. There is a Movement that is constant and is always filling all things, giving life to everything eternally.
God which is what I call this Movement and this creative force and being is what we all live in and exist by. Without it we would all perish, we would not exist. It is because of what this Force is that we do exist and have being. ‘In Him/Her, we live and have our being.’
The Universe is abundant. It is an unlimited store house that all of us at any time can draw from as one who draws from a well and does not thirst. The Master said to the woman give me to drink and then told the woman at the well, I have that which if you drink will never thirst and she asked the master, please give to me the drink that which I will never thirst. She asked him what is it that you will give me that I will never thirst and he said I give you eternal life.
If you thirst then ask the one who gives eternal life for this drink and be ye filled that your cup is always running over and that goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever. Amen

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