Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Way of the Heart Lesson 9

Now, we begin.

1 And indeed, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy Children of Light Divine. 2. Again I come forth to abide with you, as your brother, and as your friend, who looks upon you and sees naught but the flight and the Face of Christ within you. 3. And Christ is the firstborn of the Father, that is, it is That which is begotten, and not made. 4. Christ is God's creation. 5. Christ is the Holy Child of God. 6. Christ is as a sunbeam to the sun, radiating forever from the Holy Mind of what I have called Abba.

2 And therefore, I come forth to abide with you in perfect joy, and in perfect freedom, and in perfect reality. 2. I come forth to join with that part of you that abides always in perfect knowledge, perfect peace, perfect knowing-ness, and in perfect union with your Creator. 3. I come not to speak of things that you do not know. 4. I come not to use words which do not already abide within you. 5. I come not with the wisdom that you do not already contain. 6. I come not with a Love grander than that which already flowers within the silent places of your own heart. 7. I come not to place myself above you. 8. I come only to walk as an equal beside you.

3 I come because I love you. 2. I come because I am your friend. 3. And of all the things that I could possibly choose to do with the unlimited power of consciousness given equally unto me of my Father, as it was given unto you, of all of the places and dimensions and worlds in which I could reside in this moment, in Truth, I come to abide with you, in this manner, as together we utilize a creation device, a communication device - you would call it a body - in order to bridge the gap that seems to yet separate you from me.

4 In reality, all dimensions of Creation reside in a space far smaller than the tip of a pin. 2. In reality, all dimensions of Creation are so vast that you could never measure them. 3. In reality, there is no gap between where you are and I am. 4. And this is why I can be no further from you than the width of a thought. 5. But, oh indeed, beloved friends, the power of a thought is the power to create universes, and within universes to create yet more universes, and within those universes to create world upon world upon world upon world upon world.

5 And your lived experience is that, momentarily, your attention seems to be focused on your unique world, which shares some things in common with many other beings. 2. You have what is called in your world a consensus reality - we would say a consensus experience, born out of a universal reality. 3. Beloved friends, even as you abide in your awareness in this moment, you are the creator of the world you experience. 4. And you do this in so many ordinary ways.

6 When you stand face to face with anyone, and for just a split second, you alter the position of the body through which you gaze upon them - you take up a new stance, a new perspective - and in that very split second, you have created a new experience for yourself. 2. When you look upon that friend and the mind moves from neutrality (which is where you begin every experience) into the thought, Oh, that is my friend, Mary. 3. That is my friend, St. Germaine. 4. Oh, that is my friend, Peter. 5. That is my friend, Joanna. 6. That is my friend, Nathaniel. 7. Whatever the name may be, when you hold that thought, already do you begin to change the experience.

7 You are a literal creator in that moment. 2. For when you name anything, you define it according to the factors that you have built into the name that you use. 3. When you look upon a field of energy arising from the mystery of your planet Earth and you say the word, "tree" - [snaps fingers] that fast - you have brought forth, into your manifest experience, everything you have ever decided on that is associated with the field of energy that you have called, "tree." 4. And in this way, your experience is entirely unique. 5. It has never been before; it will never be. 6. Nothing can repeat it. 7. And this is why Creation is forever new.

8 Yes, you can stand with your friend and look upon a tree and nod your head and say, Well, yes, of course, that's a tree. Yes, I see the branches. I see the leaves. 2. But as soon as you have named it, you have brought forth with yourself all of the associations you have called to yourself, your experience, of that field of energy that you have called, "tree." 3. Rest assured, those in your world called environmentalists and those in your world that you have labeled loggers, definitely see a different experience though they use the word, "tree."

9 Which is right, then, and which is wrong? 2. This does not apply. 3. And in this hour, we want to address for you another of the important pebbles that you must drop into the clear, still pool of your awareness. 4. It is simply this: All webs of relationship, all energy fields, are absolutely neutral. 5. What creates experience is how you decide you will view that web of relationship, that field of energy. 6. The effect of that decision is also completely neutral.

10 But how can that be? 2. For when a logger sees a tree and sees only the profit to be made, forests disappear. 3. And when an environmentalist looks at a tree, the tree remains and the mighty owls and the birds have a place to make their home. 4. Surely, are we not to perpetuate the same reality, the same experience that all human beings have had? 5. Is there not loss when the forest disappears? 6. Listen well and carefully: All events are neutral. 7. You are the one that places the value upon it.

11 Now, does that mean that one should become cold hearted, unconscious, and blind to their actions? 2. Of course not, for part of awakening means to realize one's interconnection with the web of all relationships. 3. It means awakening a reverence for the mystery that is Life. 4. But it also means to release judgment of another who would view the tree differently. 5. For you see, the body that you have crystallized, out of a field of infinite energy, has but one purpose. 6. It is a communication device.

12 Therefore, let your primary perception, your primary guiding light in your third dimensional experience, be this: What do I choose to communicate to the world, with every gesture, with every breath, with every word spoken, with every decision made? 2. For ceaselessly, while the body lasts, you are engaged in the process of communicating to the world, making manifest to the world, what you have chosen to value, what you have called into your experience and imbued with value. 3. This means that ceaselessly you are engaged in teaching the world what you believe holds the greatest truth, the greatest value.

13 And when an environmentalist looks upon a logger and becomes exasperated, and judges that logger, or vice versa, the body is being used to communicate the value of judgment. 2. That creates fear and contraction. 3. And the result you see in your world of many, many minds choosing to value the right to judge is the effect you call your world, in which everything seems to be expressing conflict, struggle, what you call the "butting of heads: - the conflict, the Armageddon of opposite ideas running into each other. 4. And just beneath it all, all events remain completely neutral.

14 And even if the forests of your planet were completely taken away, that would be a neutral event. 2. And why? 3. Because if all of the trees were gone, if the very physical planet you call the Earth died, dissolved from view, Life would continue. 4. Life would merely create new worlds. 5. It does it all the time. 6. You do it all the time.

15 The events, then, that you experience are always neutral. 2. And what you see occurring in the world around you remains neutral until you make the decision what it will be - for you. 3. You will name it and, therefore, you will define it. 4. And when you define it, you call all of the associations of that to your self. 5. This is why once I taught it is very wise to forgive seventy times seven times - for a very selfish reason. 6. For if one wrongs you, and you spend your energy convincing them that they have wronged you, that, therefore, you have a right to be angry, to be attacking in any way, you call to yourself, even into the cells of the body, the energy of conflict, judgment, war, death, disease, unhappiness, and separation - [snaps fingers] that fast!

16 But if you forgive seventy times seven, then in each of those moments of forgiveness, you call into your field of energy what reminds you of unconditional Love, perfect peace, a power that transcends anything that arises in the world. 2. You call to yourself the reality of Christ. 3. And all of it hinges on nothing more than the pebbles that you drop into your mind.

17 Where, then, have you drawn the line? 2. Where have you said: Well, I will allow neutrality to all events in this sphere, but not in that sphere. 3. If my friends divorce or separate, well, okay, I'll see that as neutral. 4. But if my spouse leaves me, that is not neutral. 5. If my friend's father leaves three million dollars to his children, well, that's fine. 6. That's a neutral event. 7. But if my father leaves his three million dollars to charity and leaves me out of the picture, that is not a neutral event. 8. If the streams in a country on the other side of the world from where you are become polluted because the consciousness of a community allowed a factory to be built without safeguards, Well, it's on the other side of the world - neutral event. 9. But if they build it in my backyard, it is no longer neutral.

18 It is always wise to look lovingly to see where you have drawn the line, to see what you will look upon as neutral and what you cling to as being filled with meaning and value that is unquestionable. 2. For there you will find what requires forgiveness within you. 3. We have shared with you that mastery is a state of fearlessness. 4. When you place a value upon something, and then become adamant that that value exists in the event or the object outside of you, you have but secured your place in fear. 5. And fearlessness is as far from you as the east is from the west.

19 Look well, then, to see where you have placed a value, and insisted that that value be unshakable. 2. How many times in each of your days, do you say, Oh, boy! 3. If my dog ever died I would not be able to take it. 4. That would just be the end of me, or, If the banks collapse . . .oh, God! 5. I wouldn't be able to take that! 6. Be careful what you decree. 7. Look to see where you are emotionally enmeshed with the value you have placed upon anything or anyone, any relationship whatsoever, whether it be the relationship with your spouse, the relationship with your government, the relationship with your body, the relationship with your cat or your dog, the relationship with your bank account - all of your relationships.

20 For you have made them what they are. 2. And where can freedom be experienced, save within a consciousness that has learned how to transcend the contraction of fear? 3. And fear is the result of your attachment to the values you have placed upon the events you experience, which are made up of events, persons, places, things - all of these are actually just events. 4. Every web of relationship comes to you perfectly neutral. 5. You decree it by naming it and defining it. 6. When one comes to you in anger and you react, recognize that you first decided that they are angry, and you have brought forth with it all of the associations you have ever decided to value concerning what anger means.

21 And yet, in that very moment, you hold the power to witness this field of energy circulating through the body and mind and the speech of another, and to see it as a dance of energy, a mystery arising from some unseen source, some unseen web of relationships. 2. And you could look upon it with curiosity and with wonder, if you defined it differently.

22 This is true for all things that arise. 2. Even that which is called the great diseases of the body, that seem to threaten the life of the body in your world, can be looked at with complete neutrality. 3. But if you define them in a specific way, you will call to yourself the fear of that event, that comes with all of the associations you have learned from the world, from your own experiences.

23 The message of this hour, then, is simple, but it is very important. 2. And it builds on all that we have shared previously with you. 3. You are a creator and you cannot help but create. 4. The question, then, is: What will you create in each moment? 5. Far beyond the great thrill of the magic of creating events or objects in third dimensional reality is the qualities that you create, such as peace, unlimitedness, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom. 6. These, to, are creations.

24 Compassion doesn't exist floating about in the universe until you manifest it and cultivate it within your own consciousness. 2. Christed Consciousness cannot be said to truly exist - for you - until you create it within yourself. 3. Your union with God doesn't even exist - for you - until you decide to open to the lived experience of it, much as a food you have never tasted might as well not exist for you until you journey to that country, purchase it, and place it in the body. 4. Or in your day and age I would say that you must go to your grocery store and find the gourmet international section. Hmm!

25 Nothing can be said to exist - for you - until you have tasted the lived experience of it. 2. So when you hear talk about enlightenment, when you hear talk about union with God, when you hear talk about unconditional Love, stop nodding your head, thinking you know what these things are, and turn your attention within. 3. Do you abide in a lived experience of these things? 4. [Snap fingers] That fast you'll know what the answer is. 5. If the answer is: No, I hear talk about enlightenment and I get little glimpses, but I don't really know what it is because I'm not feeling it completely in my lived experience. 6. [Snaps fingers] Right away you will know that there must be something that you have valued other than enlightenment, that you are insisting remain in place in your consciousness.

26 What is it? 2. Search it out, find it, and decide whether you still want it. 3. We would perceive that there are many in your world who like to walk around as if they are in a state of peace, with the smiles upon the faces. 4. Perhaps they carry the Holy Bible in their hand, or some other such text. 5. They wear some religious icon upon their body so as to create the appearance of one who is at peace. 6. But inwardly, when they turn on their television and they watch how the logger has felled yet another tree, inwardly they respond by calling that one "ignorant" or "stupid" or "limited." 7. In that moment, they have spoken to the universe the truth that they are choosing to live: I am not one who wants to know what peace is. 8. I am not one interested in forgiveness. 9. I am not one interested in wisdom. 10. I am interested in judgment and the high that I feel in my body through the act of judging another as being less than myself.

27 In short, it is time to give up the pretense. 2. It is time to begin viewing yourself from the perspective of an absolute, ceaseless creator: to begin looking at exactly what you are creating in each moment of your experience: to bring the quality of childlike innocence to what you actually experience, not what you tell everybody else you are experiencing. 3. It is time to become honest with the effects of the ripples of the rocks or the pebbles you have dropped into the field of the awareness, as a great form of play.

28 For you see, a creator who understands their infinite power to create, who understands that it's going on ceaselessly, that effects are being generated moment to moment to moment to moment, that will indeed be making up your tomorrows, gladly gives up the energy of denial and turns to look upon every moment of their experience, that they might discern what choice they must have made to bring about the effects they're currently experiencing.

29 When a bill comes, and your body shakes and you go into contraction and worry because there are not enough golden coins in the checkbook to pay for it, the creator stops and looks upon all that is being experienced in the field of the body, in the emotional body, the thoughts being held in the mind. 2. They begin to notice how they are viewing the objects around themselves, the world around them, in order to begin to wonder: What thought must I have dropped into the pool of my mind to create the effect of lacking golden coins? 2. And is that a thought I wish to drop into my mind so that I create similar effects in my tomorrows?

30 Here is the doorway of wisdom: do not create unconsciously and then just walk away. 2. But learn ceaselessly from your creation. 3. For in this way you begin the process of dissolving the creation of an un-enlightened being and you begin to build the creation of a Christ . . .here and now, in this moment. 4. Never, never believe that your thoughts are neutral. 5. I said earlier events are neutral, but your thoughts are not. 6. For your thoughts literally are imbued with the power of creation. 7. They do not create neutrally. 8. That is, every thought reverberates a quality of vibration that spreads out from you, touches the shores of manifested reality, and comes back to you. 9. That is what you experience as the positive and negative events of your life.

31 Now, it is very true - please listen carefully to this - that at any moment as you go along in your experience, as you experience the reverberation, the coming back of the ripples you've sent out, in that very moment you are not a victim of what you have created. 2. Because in each such moment you remain as perfectly free as you were when you first dropped the pebble into the pond that even created the ripple in the first place. 3. You are free to choose how you will experience the effect of that ripple. 4. And if you experience it with unconditional freedom, with unconditional acceptance and Love, forgiveness, neutrality, innocence, you literally defuse the effects of that ripple upon the pool of your consciousness. 5. And then, in that moment, you become instantly free to begin creating, in a new way, the ripples that you will experience in the future. 6. And this is why you are never a victim of anyone's creation, especially your own.

32 'Tis not that life is so complex that you've created all these momentums and now you're stuck with them. 2. In any moment that you get it, and you stop reacting as if you were a victim, and looked merely at the ripples that are coming back to you that you've sent out from yourself and said, Hmm! 3. This has come into my field of experience as an awesome mystery. 4. And this means that I am an awesomely powerful being! 5. And therefore, I will look lovingly upon this ripple. 6. Yes, I know it needs to play itself out, but as it does so, I'm going to be wise enough to see the transparency of it, to see the lack of effect that it really has. 7. It doesn't change who I am. 8. It doesn't add anything to my life. 9. It doesn't take anything from it. 10. It merely is an experience, called Life, passing through the field of my awareness. 11. And if I look lovingly upon it, if I embrace it, I can transmute it, and, therefore, already be engaged in the process of creating a whole different kind of vibrational ripple that will create my tomorrows.

33 That means that while the power of your thoughts are not neutral, the events called the effects of those thoughts can be either neutral or not neutral, depending on how you use the very primary power of awareness. 2. We're seeking, then, to share with you how infinitely free you are.

34 There are many in your world that teach this illusory doctrine of what is called the karma, that what you send out now you must experience sooner or later, and how you experience it is directly related to the quality of the ripple you send out. 2. That is not true. 3. That would make you a victim. 4. And if you are made in the image of God, and I assure you that you are, you are not a victim of the world you see. 5. You cannot, in reality, be victimized by anyone or anything at any time, because your reality is that you are made in the image of God. 6. And if you could truly be victimized, it would mean that God creates unlike Himself. 7. Does a salmon come from an oak tree? 8. Does a nebula come out of the womb of a woman? 9. Does a raspberry grow on a grocery store shelf? Hmm? 10. No. Like begets like.

35 Therefore, why would you ever believe that from God, Who is but Love and Unlimited Creativity and Power, could ever beget something that is small and little and powerless? 2. It doesn't happen. 3. God cannot be victimized. 4. Therefore, God's creation remains victimless. 5. All events remain neutral and all that the environmentalist and the logger are doing is using the power of consciousness to momentarily create the belief that they are this and not that. 6. They place a value, of their own choosing, upon an event of energy that they call a "tree." 7. And by what value they place upon it, they call the quality of experience that they will have into their field of awareness. 8. That's all that's happening.

36 The energy that makes up the tree is eternal forever. 2. It may change form, but Life remains. 3. Therefore, lament not the passing away of a species, but trust the Grand Intelligence that gave rise to it in the first place, for it is still busy creating even greater universes. 4. This is why loss does not exist.

37 How does all of this relate to your daily experience? 2. We want to suggest (and this is very important as we move into the following year) it's going to become very crucial that you have a foundation upon which to build, if you are ready to completely assume responsibility for having been created in the image of God, and that therefore you are an eternal creator. 3. Begin now to utilize some time each day, without letting a day go by, in which you sit with yourself - not with your mate, not with your parents, not with the television, not with your favorite sport team, not with your favorite actor or actress, not with your favorite religion, not with your favorite god or master or savior (not even me) - sit with you and start by acknowledging that you are One with God.

38 Understand that the very body that seems to have a heart within it, that is beating life for you - this itself is the effect of decisions and choices you have made - that the very chair that you are sitting on is the result of your attracting a web of relationships that's quite unique into your field of awareness, called the physical universe. 2. And in that moment you are having an experience you've never had before: You are sitting in the chair now! 3. And the event is completely neutral. 4. And that nothing that you are experiencing in your consciousness exists or is sourced by anything outside yourself.

39 Give yourself five minutes to choose, to practice choosing, how you will experience sitting in a chair - with a mind full of worry, or a mind full of peace? . . . a mind thinking of all the things it could be doing, or a mind marveling at how the weight of a body feels pressed against the seat of a chair? Hmm. . . a mind that creates tension in the way the breath flows through the body, or a mind that creates ease and comfort? Hmm.

40 Five minutes of practice sitting in a chair as an infinite creator of exactly what you are experiencing in your emotional field. 2. Just that. 3. You might even want to play with what it would feel like to sit in a chair as a Christ. 4. What would that feel like? 5. I'll let you choose whether or not you would like to experience it. 6. Five minutes each day . . . do it without fail! 7. Be with yourself, and decide how you will experience yourself now!

41 For you see, the you that sat down into the chair, with whatever was going on in your consciousness, whatever feelings you were having throughout the body, whatever was going on in your primary relationships, how the food was digested in the body, all of it, the whole realm of your experience, was the effect of how you have been a million times when you've sat down to be with yourself in a thousand different chairs. 2. Utilize the very process of sitting down in a chair as a symbol of preparing the mind for the dropping of a pebble into it, out of which will reverberate the vibrations, or ripples, that will come back to you.

42 You see, it's much easier to send out ripples, which you'll be doing anyway, and experience them, when they come back, in a blissful way, a way that brings you peace and joy and fun and laughter and play and unlimitedness, instead of having to constantly butt your head against something that you'd rather transmute, or run away from. 2. But it begins with five minutes, in which you acknowledge that you can create whatever experience you want, as a feeling that floods through your awareness, as a quality of thought that you allow to keep repeating in the mind.

43 You can sit in a chair as an Awakened Christ - now! 2. I and my Father are One!
3. It's a beautiful day! 4. I've manifested a physical form sitting in a chair in a corner of one little tiny dimension of Creation. 5. How amazing this moment is! 6. I think I'll just sit here and feel the heart beating in the body, the breath flowing through it. 7. Ah, there's the sound of a bird. 8. I'm glad I called that to myself. Hmmm! 9. I like the way that sandwich is digesting in this body. 10. What beautiful thoughts can I think right now? 11. Who can I send Love to without lifting a finger? 12. I am unlimited forever! 13. I am free! I am free! I am free! Hmmm!

44 Do you think you would like to have that experience for five minutes? 2. Why not begin today? 3. For so many of you upon your physical plane keep searching for some form of magic that will bring the Kingdom of Heaven to you. 4. You can't bring it to you. 5. You can only become aware of how you are using it to create the ripples that you send out from yourself. 6. Do you know the saying in your world, "Wherever you go, there you are"? 7. You are God's creation. 8. You're in Heaven now. 9. Heaven is not a place. 10. It is a state of unlimited and infinite creative power, because it is the reflection of God's Holy Mind.

45 Why not be one who practices being the presence of Heaven? 2. And if that seems too awesome, or too far beyond you, then just play with it for five minutes a day. 3. And trust me, I will love you no less if, for the other twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes, you decide to play at pretending and feeling that you are little, unworthy, unloved, unloving, unlovable, that you are the scourge of the Earth, that life is constantly victimizing you - go right ahead. 4. I would never interfere with your free choice. 5. I may not come and knock at your door, except for those five minutes. 6. But you remain free to utilize time any way you wish.

46 But for just five minutes, experience yourself as Christ, crystallizing a body as a temporary teaching and learning communication device, plopping itself into a chair in a totally neutral corner of Creation, because you want to have the experience of sitting blissfully at peace in your perfect knowledge of your union with God, in this moment. 2. You might even find yourself daring to have thoughts such as this: Well, since I'm an infinite creator, what would I like to create for my tomorrows?

47 And if, during that five minutes, there's a knock upon the door and it's the bill collector, who cares? 2. That's that soul's experience of thinking they're a bill collector and you're some bad person they must corral. 3. Let them have their experience. 4. Sit calmly, hear the knocking on the door, and allow yourself to be entertained by the beautiful worlds you are creating for your tomorrows. Hmm. 5. Here is the straight and narrow path that leads unto Life: here the eye of the needle through which you must pass.

48 For it is not enough to just embrace the idea, that I am the creator of all that I experience. 2. You must then choose to actively put it into practice. 3. It begins with the practice of five minutes a day - that's all. 4. And when you feel that you can fulfill that for five minutes, then you can make it ten, and then twelve, and then fifteen, and then twenty, and it sounds like such a little piece. 5. You mean, for twenty minutes hang out as though I am Christ Incarnate, totally in union with God, totally free to begin creating different ripples than I've ever experienced before, knowing that they will come back to me and become my manifested experience? 6. No doubt about it! 7. But twenty minutes? 8. Even if I could achieve that, that's such a small fraction of the time of a day.

49 Beloved friends, if you had faith as a tiny, tiny, tiny little seed, you would know that you, from that little tiny faith, will create the mighty oak tree, whose branches will shelter you from the blistering sun and give comfort unto many. 2. Twenty minutes is an eternity when it comes to creating your tomorrows!

50 And if you believe that the other twenty-three hours must be taken up by experiencing the effects of what you created a long time ago, the ripples that are coming back, so be it. 2. Play with it. 3. Let yourself transmute those moments. 4. Oh, here I am answering the door. 5. Yes, bill collector. 6. Hi. Come on in. 7. Have a glass of water. 8. You know, you're absolutely right, I didn't pay that bill. Did you want to know why? 9. Silly me, I've actually decided to create the experience that I'm someone who can only create lack. 10. That's why I have no golden coins in my checkbook. 11. It's just the darndest thing, isn't it?! 12. Oh, very good, so you're going to turn my name over to the authorities, and now I'll have no credit with anybody on the planet. 13. Well, go ahead if it makes your day. 14. I have other things to do. 15. I'm busy creating a new tomorrow. 16. And I know that all around me is going to be taken from me anyway, since everything birthed in time ends in time. 17. My house will be gone, my car will be gone, my clothes will be gone, my friends will be gone. 18. Everything I've experienced in time is changing anyway, so go ahead, take it from me now. 19. It'll just speed up the process.

51 I do not speak of this tongue-in-cheek. 2. I speak from the perspective of one who is an Awakened Christ, who already knows how to birth universes to create that which is holy, good, and beautiful. 3. I know that this is the way. 4. It's the only way. 5. Release the value you've attached to your experiences, even the bill collector, and spend your time, instead, deciding which pebbles you're going to drop into the field of your mind. 6. For you will create as the result of what you choose to think today. 7. And what you value today will show itself to you tomorrow.

52 I learned to value unlimitedness. 2. I learned to value Love. 3. I learned to value fearlessness. 4. Yes, my method for doing that was rather unique, and I would not recommend that you follow in my footsteps. 5. Unless, of course, you like the drama of being nailed to cross, and then stood up in front of all of your friends, in order to learn to transcend fear in your mind! 6. I learned to value unbroken communication with every soul in every dimension of Creation. 7. I learned to value only my loving thoughts. 8. And I birthed or grew a Christ out of the very seed of awareness that exists equally within each of you.

53 Therefore, where you are in this moment, look around. 2. Look at the objects that you see. 3. Look at the people that you see around you, if there are any. 4. Whatever sounds may be coming into your field of awareness, whatever pictures or ideas you may hold of what you are or what the world is, these are all fleeting and temporary illusions. 5. They will pass away, and began passing away, the moment they were created.

54 Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, look at all that is around you, and decide what value it holds for you. 2. Will you see it as something that you must have in your existence? 3. Or will you choose to see it as something you've playfully drawn to yourself, you appreciate it, and it can be gone tomorrow, and your peace will not be disturbed? 4. Which way will you view the world?

55 Five minutes, one for each finger and thumb on a hand - one minute in which you choose to sit as Christ in the midst of your kingdom, your creation, and you decide which thoughts you will hold and, therefore, determine how you see all that is in the field of your awareness, and which thoughts you will allow to begin to generate the ripples that you will send out that will - there is no way to escape it - that will return to you.

56 For once, indeed, there was a farmer who went out to plant the seed in his ground. 2. But before he went to plant the seed, he selected the seed very carefully. 3. And while other farmers rushed out, because they thought, Oh, look, it is the time for the plant to begin. 4. Everything is perfect. 5. The conditions are just right. 6. We must make haste and plant. 7. And they bought whatever seeds they could get and went out and spread them across the ground, and began their busy work of doing what they had to do. 8. Rest assured, they will have their harvest.

57 But the wise farmer waited, and while he was laughed at by his colleagues, he carefully selected every seed. 2. He waited until he could hold it in his hand and say, Oh, I like the vibration of this seed. 3. Oh this feels very good. 4. Oh yes! I can just see this beautiful plant that is going to arise from this. 5, The fruit of it will be the sweetest in the valley. 6. And he gathered his seeds. 7. He paid no attention to the passing of the dates on a calendar. 8. He paid no attention to the changing weather conditions.

58 He knew that when the time was right the seed would be planted, and from it would burst forth the flower of those seeds - he knew it! 2. He gave no thought to the opinions of his colleagues. 3. He enjoyed the process of loving the seeds that he was making his own. 4. And then, the farmer went out and he cast the seed upon the soil of his farm, which is likened unto the soil of your own awareness. 5. And he planted the seeds, and he tamped them down, and he nurtured them, and he watered them, and he cultivated them with a smile upon his face.

59 And yes, the neighbors' seemed to be already sprouting up through the ground. 2. He couldn't have cared less, for he knew that these seeds would bring him an eternal harvest, that they would not just burst forth once from the soil, and then throw out some mediocre fruit, and then die. 3. For he had selected seeds that would constantly bring forth, in each season, the best of fruits. 4. And he loved them, and he nurtured them, and he cultivated them. 5. And long after the other farmers had grown weary and tired and had experienced drought, and seeds that brought forth fruit where insects would come and destroy them, that would not be purchased and bought by the people in the market place, this one farmer became the greatest of farmers in the entire valley.

60 And people would come from all over the world to bite, to take a little nibble, out of the fruit that came from his garden. 2. And yet, the farmer merely delighted in continually loving and nurturing these seeds, and cultivating the soil in which they were planted daily. 3. He never took his consciousness away from his perfect union with those seeds. 4. He never once forgot that he was the one that created his farm as a direct result of his careful selection of which seeds he would plant in his soil. 5. And while others marveled at his good fortune, and while others were jealous of his good luck, the farmer always knew that no magic was involved.

61 He merely followed in the footsteps of the wisdom given to him by God: Take My Fruit and plant It in your consciousness. 2. Know that you are One with Me, and that the Fruit you experience is the result of the seeds you plant in your own consciousness, that you cannot help but experience the result, the fruit, of the seeds you plant. 3. Nothing bursts forth on the vine of your experience by accident. 4. Therefore, create with Me, My Child. 5. Create like unto Myself, by knowing, KNOWING that you are a creator, a farmer, a planter. 6. And you will, indeed, harvest the quality of the seeds that you plant, just as you, Beloved Child, are the harvest of the seed I once planted, when first I held the thought of you in My Holy Mind. 7. And in that moment, you arose as a sunbeam from the sun, made in My image. 8. I held you as the thought of Love in form. 9. And I bestowed you with all good things. 10. Therefore, see yourself as I see you. 11. Embrace yourself as I embrace you. 12. Accept yourself as you are - a creator, creating without ceasing. 13. And just as I sat upon My throne (so said the God of all Creation, which really means sitting in the center of All That Is), and beheld you as a loving thought, so too, choose only to allow loving thoughts to enter into your consciousness. 14. Choose to only allow loving thoughts to be expressed with your words. 15. Choose only to allow loving thoughts to be translated into your gestures, your choices, your actions, and thereby, create as I created you - that which extends joy forever: that which extends the holy, the beautiful, and the good, forever. 16. For that is what you are. 17. And that is how I thought of you when I created you. 18. And that is what you remain eternally. 19. Therefore, join with Me, by extending your creation, as I have extended you. 20. And since you have manifested a physical body, accept My Son's teaching, and let that body be placed in a chair, that you might think like the Mind of Christ for five minutes.21. And you will beget an eternality that reflects the Radiance of Heaven, just as you reflect My Radiance when I look upon the Unlimited Soul that you are.

62 Indeed, in all of the valley there was but one farmer that was wise. 2. Will you elect to join the union comprised of all of the hasty farmers? 3. Or will you choose to take up residence as the one farmer who knows how to create wisely, and, in faith, rests on perfect certainty, and merely sits back to wait for the ripples of Heaven to come and replace the ripples of hell, that once you created unwittingly?

63 Everyone, you see, is a minister. 2. You cannot help but minister to the world in each moment. 3. Therefore, begin your ministry of Enlightened Consciousness now! 4. And I promise you this, absolutely, irrevocably: You will experience all that I have known and more! 5. You will experience complete victory over death. 6. You will experience complete unlimitedness and abundance. 7. You will experience perfect peace, perfect miracle mindedness, perfect unbroken communion in bliss with all of Creation!

64 Once, when I was a man, I was taught to sit at the base of a tree for five minutes a day and to imagine myself to be the creator of all that I could think, all that I could see, all that I could feel. 2. Five minutes taken out of the hours of play of a child. 3. You are a child at play in your own kingdom. 4. Will you give yourself five minutes to learn to be a Christ that creates in unlimited perfection in alignment with the Mind of God, whose experience is always radiantly blissful and free of limitation and fear? 5. You will experience your creation. 6. What that creation is, and how you experience it, is entirely up to you.

65 This, then, will be the fulfillment of the message of this hour. 2. And, as you can see, it's very much built upon the last. 3. But it begins to translate the Truth into an action - very simple, very practical - so simple and so practical that you'll be hard pressed to find a reason against it, an excuse. 4. For those of you so busy trying to take care of dealing with all the things life throws at you, [laughs] even you know that you can find five minutes. 5. And that five minutes can be the beginning of birthing a whole new universe for yourself.

66 Hmm - happy sitting! 2. And with that, indeed, beloved friends, peace be unto you always, by making the decision to choose to receive peace, as a Christ. 3. Herein lies the secret of much of what will be coming in what you call your future months. 4. For that which I specifically seek to do in this specific work, that you know and call as Shanti Christo, is the birthing of a multitude of Christs that dwell upon your planet Earth at the same time. 5. It has never been done before!

67 Imagine a world with ten million awakened Children of God - fully awake - not just as a belief or an idea, but who have mastered fear, who no longer live in doubt, whatsoever, and are busy creating universes that mirror perfectly the Kingdom of Heaven. 2. Imagine it - if you dare!

68 It begins now. 2. Peace then, be unto you always. 3. Practice well for your next 30 days or your month period before we meet again. 4. If not, you'll find yourself having to go back and start anyway, before you can receive the next phase or the next stage, what will be shared. 5. The choice is yours.

Peace, then, be unto you always.


69 Hello everyone. 2.This is John Mark and I hope you enjoyed this tape. 3.And uh we have an addendum I suppose. 4.We received in the mail a letter from a Shanti Christo member, Henny Manwell who lives in Sedona, AZ, and within the letter was a transcription of a part of her private session that was held with Jeshua on June 12 of this year. 5.So just to finish this tape for you we thought we would read the question and the answer and let you think about it for a while. 6.Also, just want to say we are really looking forward to the Santa Fe gathering that’s coming up in December. 7.lot of people have been calling and already buying their airplane tickets and we’re just really looking forward to the energy is building and if last years gathering felt very powerful for every one there and we just have a sense that something some thing, powerful and special is going to happen this year as well. [01:11:46] 8.Gerry and George will be joining us at the Inter Light productions in Oakland, CA. and are responsible for the excellent work the recordings of the tapes for this year most of them and also for the recording of the video “MEANING OF THE ASCENSION” and they will be coming with their equipment so every thing will get recorded properly. 9.So again just looking forward to all of you that are planning on coming, and to those of you who may not be, take a deep breath, take the plunge and come play with us. 10We would really love to have you here at that time of the year.

70 OK here is the question: From Henny Manwell to Jeshua June 12 1995. Is it necessary, Jeshua, to go to the other aspects of our selves and ask forgiveness for errors that we feel we have made?

71 This is a very, very good question. 2.I’m glad that you asked it. 3.In fact I want to make a suggestion to you that you transcribe that question and the answer that I am to give you and send it to this my beloved brother and his mate and mention to them that I have suggested that it would be most appropriate to include this question and answer in the next commutation with there friends.

72 Now, is it necessary to go to those aspects of ourselves and ask forgiveness of those voices within the mind? 2.Is it necessary to go to them in order to bring about some form of healing? 3.Now listen very carefully there is in truth nothing which is necessary in its self. 4.There is not something etched in stone that must be achieved in order for healing to occur except complete and unconditional self acceptance. 5.The way in which each mind arrives at that goal will be unique and some what different. 6.And why is this so? Because each [01:13:50] mind uses its freedom of power its freedom of consciousness to create a spiral that took it seemingly away from its deep sense of perfect union with God. 7.If you could imagine many strands of threads suddenly unraveling from the central ball of thread and they all seem to go off in their own way and their own direction. 8.That would be like the many minds which have split apart from the one mind of the son of God and therefore they find themselves seemingly at the end of that thread some where out there in the vast space of Mind wanting to come home. 9.And then they begin to create their pathway back to God. 10.As the Mind does that, it is actually using the very thing which is the Kingdom of heaven, which is your union with God. 11.You are using the power of consciousness, to create perceptions of yourself and all that you see around you to make the journey home. 12.An idea comes into the mind and you move in that direction. 13.And it seems to work for a while. 14.And then you have to go to a different idea, a deeper idea. 15.Everyone is doing that and so they are literally creating their pathway home.

[01:15:00] 16.Not quite recognizing that what they are seeking is the very power to create with which they are creating their pathway home. 17.So, at any time, there can be the miracle of miracles, the quantum leap that transcends time because the mind can suddenly understand, and get all that it needs to do and understand, is to except itself and it is already home. 18.Generally, there are glimmers of that and so there are little quantum leaps, little accelerations in which old ideas and perceptions are discarded as self acceptance deepens. 19.Again, for you as well as for many, there seems to be stages at which accessing the different voices that you have made in your attempt to fragment your self from God, can then be perfectly appropriate, perfectly empowering. 20.And even it will seem to appear necessary, from where you are, as you come up that strand of thread on your way back to perfect union.

[01:16:00] 21.So, for each mind then, it is necessary to go within and truly be honest. 22.What am I feeling? 23.I keep sensing that I haven’t forgiven my self for this thing or that thing. 24.I feel this voice keeps calling to me that says you are not good enough, you’re not good enough. 25.If those voices keep calling, something keeps calling for you attention. 26.Then that can be jest accepted as your way home. 27.It may be different from some one else but that’s irreverent since comparison and contrast is a tendency of the egoistic mind and not the mind of Christ. 28.Merely observe what is occurring for you and then allow yourself to take whatever action is necessary to help bring about that healing that keeps calling to you. 29.Ultimately all healing is the healing of the perception of illusions. 30.So yes, the voice that is calling to you is an illusion, a chimera. 31.It’s an echo of a old something that never really happened. 32.But, what’s in the great dream of separation itself it is rather senseless to be in denial about it. 33.Therefore beloved friend for you we would say, yes, because these voices call you because you have a feeling even in your body that you haven’t totally come to self forgiveness. 34.Then by turning your attention playfully and innocently and listing to those voices that are echoing to you the very places within your self to which you have not extended forgiveness. 35,This will bring those voices to the surfaces. 36.Then have a dialoged with them as if they were a separate entity and then learn to wrap your arms of forgiveness around those parts. 37This is a important aspect of your new pathway home to the ball of thread setting in the heart of God. 38.This is true for everyone. 39There cannot be denial. 40.There cannot be comparison, analysis, judgment. 41.There can only be acceptance, allowance, embracing, trusting, feeling until that one mind finds its way to bring the ship into the harbor. 42No one can do it for you however you can have many friends such as me who will assist you in the way that you have chosen.

73 Does all of that make sense for you?

74 And Henny replies: I will send it to John Mark and Anastasia. 2.And then Jeshua continues. 3.Indeed I would appreciate this as it serves in the bigger picture in the thread that is being interwoven now between many who have been called and many who will be called, to join in this adventure which is called the energy of the Shanti Christo. 4.Think of it this way, As the one mind fragmented into the many points of light, in one corner of the universe, there were a few hundred thousand points of light that said, well we spun out together we might as well spin back together. 5.Henny: That’s precious. 6.I’ve wanted to ask you that question for a long time. 7.And Jeshua replies, yes, I know. 8.Did you know that the question that seems to be resisted in the mind is exactly the doorway being presented by the soul to the conscious mind? 9.Through which one takes its next leap up to the thread back to the heart of God. 10.That is why the questions that come up from the depth of the mind are of utmost importance. 11.And you can train the mind to observe the question itself and go. 12.aaah This is a doorway coming up for me. I wonder what it is that is within the question. 13.What does the question that is coming up from the depth of my being reveal to me? 14.What does it conceal from me? 15.What energy is beginning to shift in me now? 16.The question always reflects what’s coming up from the depth of the mind itself to be learned, to be integrated, to be transcended.18.There, now you have something to consider from time to time.

75 John Mark speaking: Well there that is the end of the question and the answer as I read it I found my self wanting to stop and consider aspects of it so I think I’ll do that and invite you to do the same. 2.Things are going pretty well here we are in the midst of buying the property the land and were very excited about that. 3.So again all though you’ll hear us say this countless times on behalf of Anastasia and myself and the whole board of directors to all of you who have been helping to support this project this ministry in trust and in faith. 4.We really want to say thank you and extend our gratitude its not something that any one individual is doing. 5.I personal view this as all aspects of one mind for some reason were resonating with this thing called Shanti Christo and together every little donation that we make to the foundation is helping to ground that vision in the form and symbol of a beautiful retreat center that will be visited by thousands and thousands of people for many, many years to come. 6.Theirs no doubt in my mind that its all ready done it is simply descending if you will to earth. 7.And again you are a big part of that.8. Thank you very very much. 9.Give yourself a big hug and if I might share something that was given to me as a meditation to do every day. 10.It’s a question that seems to fit with what we just read the idea of listening to the questions. 11.The question I was given is this and I’ll just offer it to you do it what you will.

[01:22:00] 12.The question I was asked to begin each day with was; what is the most loving thing I can do for myself with this day. 13.And then occasionally during the day I’ve asked myself that question if I feel umm if there is a lag in my energy or momentum or I’m not sure what to do next I’ll just change it and say what is the most loving thing I could do for myself in this hour or at this moment. 14.And it’s helping me to refine the guidance of the Holy Spirit that’s always present. 15.For instants yesterday I was working on the newsletter and sat down to work on a new section I was feeling a little harried and so I asked that question and the answerer I heard was “Take a break go take a walk.”. 16.Oh okay and so I just immediately went and did something else that completely shifted my whole energy and I was able to come back to the news letter from the new prospective. 17.All of that seems very simple of course but what we have to do is learn how to go to that space of emptiness inside that space of innocence the space of not being the maker or the doer and simply ask.

[01:23:16] 18.And what are we asking? 19.Were asking that invisible something we can’t see or taste or touch so much and yet from the depth of that silence Holy Sprit knows how to guide us in each moment.20. And uh I can’t say I’ve accomplished it a 100% yet but I fell like I am getting very close to living a life in which virtually every decision to do something comes out of that innocent place of quiet rather than me believing that I should do this or ought to do that or this needs to be done. 21.And as that happens this is the sense of a growing freedom. 22.Life becomes just what it is and I have no thoughts about it other than the ones I apparently need to have to take care of action that’s needed in any moment. 23.You could say it begins to lead you towards feeling more and more empty-headed, more and more spacious more and more not here. 24.And yet paradoxically that allows one to feel more and more present. 25.So just a question for you to play with to cultivate and to enjoy. 26.You might want to ask yourself “Would you be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to retrain your mind so that every thing you chose to do grows out of your willingness to treat yourself lovingly.” 27.That’s a good question.

So much love to you. Wrap your arms around yourself, give your self a big squeeze, decide to be happy today dreams of joy.


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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Way of the Heart Lesson 8

The Way of the Heart – Tape VIIi, Lesson 8 of 35 - August 1995

Now, we begin.

1 And as always, once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. 2. As always, I come forth as your equal - to abide with you, to walk with you, to communicate with you - from that Mind and that Heart which we eternally share as One, that Mind which is alone the reality of our shared Sonship, our shared existence. 3. As always, I come forth in joy and also with humility. 4. For I cannot join with anyone unless they provide the space within their consciousness and bid me enter therein.

2 Therefore, understand well, that when I come to abide with you, I come with a humility born of the recognition of the Great Mystery that has given you your existence.
2. And that Mystery I have called Abba, Father. 3. And why? 4. You have not come forth from some mechanical, unthinking force. 5. You have come forth from Pure Intelligence.
6. You have come forth from Pure Love. 6. You have come forth from a Source beyond all comprehension. 7. You have come forth from the Radiance of a Light so bright that the world cannot see it nor contain it. 8. You have come forth from That which, alone, is eternally real. 9. And because you have come forth from It, you are One with It, always.

3 This means that you abide in a relationship - created to Creator, offspring or child to parent - that is so intimate, a bond so deep, that it cannot be broken at any time. 2. As a wave that arises from an ocean cannot be separated from the ocean itself, so too, in each and every moment of your experience, do you abide in a union so powerful, so mysterious, so intimate and immediate that the mind cannot comprehend it.

4 This union, then, connects you, as the created, with the Mystery beyond comprehension that contains every drop of wisdom and intelligence necessary to create consciousness itself. 2. And consciousness, awareness, the power to be aware, the power to choose - this is what you truly are. 3. And if this Source, this Mystery, can birth this most fundamental aspect of Creation, does it not deserve to be called Abba or Father. 4. That which creates like unto Itself? 5. Can you, then, begin to feel, to know, not just as an intellectual idea but as a lived reality, a knowingness, that if you are aware, in this moment, it is because you are One with the Source of all Creation and cannot be separated from It in any way or at any time?

5 Fear (and we have spoken of this many times) is like a contraction. 2. And, again, if you were to imagine a wave arising from the ocean and then going into contraction because it thinks it is separated from its source, that contraction literally squeezes the life, the very flowing waters, out of that wave. 3. And could that wave possibly continue when its very life force has been squeezed from it? 4. Does it not then become mere drops of water fading from view, only to dissolve back into the ocean itself? 5. And its radiance has been lost, never to be seen again. 6. If it were possible for the wave of your consciousness to truly have
its life force squeezed out of it, you, too, would fade away as droplets returning to the ocean, to never be remembered, to never be seen again.

6 But listen, and listen well: that would be death. 2. But in reality, you are alive, always. 3. And even when you have identified yourself with the great constriction that fear is, your fears have never been able to squeeze out of you the great life force, the great reality, the great gift, of awareness. 4. You have, therefore, never ceased to be. 5. There has never been a time that you have not existed and there will never be a time when you will cease to be.

7 You are, therefore, very much like a wave that has begun to arise out of an unseen ocean. 2. And as that wave gains its momentum and moves across the surface of a planet, so to speak, you are like a wave that is in continual movement. 3. Moving where? - into a forever extension of your awareness, itself. 4. Into a forever extension of whatever you choose to pick up along the way and make a part of your Self: into a forever extension that will carry you into the experience or the fruits of the very thoughts you have held onto as your own.

8 Therefore, understand well: Right now, in this very lived moment, wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing, all that you see, all that you feel, all that you know, all that you seek to avoid, all the things you value and devalue, all things are contained within your awareness. 2. For if they are not found there, they do not exist for you.

9 Therefore, look upon that which resides within your awareness, within your consciousness. 2. What are the things that you know that you know? 3. What are the things that you would avoid? 4. What are the feelings that you have not explored? 5. What are the objects, the people, the places, the values that you strive for, that seem to thrill even the cells of the body? 6. What is the body, itself, if not that which arises within your awareness?

10 Look at the planet around you. 2. Look at every object in your room. 3. Look at every thought you choose to think. 4. Look at the perceptions and ideas that you defend so vociferously. 5. Look at the thoughts, the feelings of others, that make you cringe or wish to withdraw from. 6. These things abide within you like the very power or life force of the wave that has arisen from the ocean. 7. All of these things you have picked up along the way.
8. And the way has been very long and varied indeed! 9. For if you can imagine never ceasing to exist, it means that you have been as a wave of awareness, passing through, so it were, every time frame, every planetary system, every dimension of creation.

11 And along the way, one thing has remained constant. 2. You have been in constant relationship with all of Creation. 3. Oh yes, you may select out a few people, a few objects, a planet, a dimension, and focus all of your attention. 4. And attention is nothing more than the decision what you are going to use the power of your awareness to focus on. 5. And it

seems that you have excluded everything else. 6. That is like an optical delusion of consciousness. 7. While it is very true that you have selected out aspects of Creation to focus your attention on, yet underneath - in the depth of the wave that is unseen by the physical eye, unseen by what you call your conscious awareness, your day-to-day mind - you have remained in perfect communion with all of Creation.

12 You are, therefore, in relationship with all created things, and there is a communication that occurs without ceasing. 2. Imagine being able to look into the air of your planet and to literally see the radio waves, the TV waves, all of the electrical waves that keep, again, without ceasing, bouncing back and forth across your planet. 3. This is what you swim in daily. 4. Your consciousness pervades this field of vibrations. 5. And you are the one who selects out what you are going to be aware of, what you are therefore calling into your lived experience. 6. And, therefore, you select what is going to make an imprint upon you.

13 Imagine, then, a pool of clear, still water. 2. And into it you drop a solitary pebble.
3. And from the pebble there radiate waves. 4. This is what is occurring constantly in the field of your wave of awareness. 5. And as you have attracted to yourselves certain persons, places, things, objects and, above all, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, you have dropped them like little pebbles into the still clear pool of your vast and eternal awareness. 6. And what you experience are the effects, or the ripples, of those pebbles. 7. They literally join with the other ripples that you've created. 8. And as these ripples move out and touch one another and come back to you, that is the field of creation that makes up your physical, third-dimensional reality.

14 You are, therefore, never experiencing anything except what you have chosen to create through your selection of the pebbles that you have dropped into the field of your awareness. 2. You literally never experience a solitary thing. 3. You do not experience objects. 4. What you experience is the effect of a thought or a belief in objects. 5. You never experience another person, for they, themselves, are made up of a whole web of vibrations.

15 You could say that each person and each object (to use your language) is really a field of relationships themselves - unique and seemingly different from you, but a web of relationships nonetheless. 2. For what child can be separated from their parents, from their cultural background, from the unique experiences that they have had as they have interacted with the webs of relationship that have been around them since the moment of their conception? 3. What kitten can be separated and singled out from the matrix of its mother and father? 4. What leaf on a tree is separate from the temperature of the air, the quality of water and nutrients that come to it from the very soil of the Earth? 5. Everything is a web of relationship. 6. And all webs are in relationship with all other webs and they become grander and grander and grander on ad infinitum.

16 You are, then, a web of relationships, out of which you have selected certain pebbles - whether they be thoughts or perceptions or experiences - and you have dropped them into

the still clear pool of your awareness in order to create even more ripples. 2. And then you have chosen which ones will have the greatest value for you. 3. These you lock in to your being and they become your emotional field. 4. The emotional field is the first level of crystallization of the body.

17 From the emotional field, a further crystallization creates the appearance of a physical form. 2. And it is that which you push around the planet in your very temporary third-dimensional form of attention, while all around you, and just beneath the level of your conscious daily awareness, you remain in communication with all webs of relationship throughout all dimensions of creation. 3 It is for this reason that an inspiring thought can come suddenly to you and penetrate your daily awareness. 4. And you wonder, Where did that thought come from?

18 Or suddenly a picture appears in your mind. 2. It could be of anything - a man and a woman making love, a man and a man making love, a child playing in a park, a dolphin, a picture of conflict or war. 3. Where did it come from? 4. Because you live in perfect communion, and you are like a grand field of energy in which all webs of relationship are reverberating constantly, you actually have access to the complete entirety of Creation.
5. And this entirety is not limited to what's occurring now, as you understand time. 6. You have available to yourself everything of which you would call the past and the future.

19 These things are available to you at all times. 2. And there is not one of you who has not experienced this for yourself. 3. Perhaps you suddenly thought of a friend, and then the telephone rang, and you knew it was them. 4. It makes no sense in your causal third dimensional plane, but because underneath - even though your conscious mind was busy making breakfast and wondering about which stocks to buy and sell, or which perfume to put on the body - underneath you remain in perfect communion. 5. It is why, when there is a deep resonance between friends, separated by thousands of miles, all of a sudden you know they need you to call them. 6. You feel a sense of concern. 7. Maybe they just stubbed their toe, but you pick up the vibration.

20 You all live this. 2. You all know this. 3. There is no secret about it. 4. What I would seek, then, to attract your attention to is this. 5. One of the pebbles that has been dropped into the field of your awareness (and this is generally true for virtually everyone involved in the third dimensional experience called physicality), one of those pebbles is this: imagine a sentence being dropped from a vast height, picking up speed until it strikes the still pool of your awareness and sends a ripple out, creates a vibration through you. 6. And the sentence is simply this: It is not possible for me to have complete mastery over which pebbles are dropped into my awareness. I am at the mercy of the vibrational field set up by the ripples of all of the thoughts and webs of relationship in which I swim constantly.

21 That perception is absolutely true . . . as long as you choose to believe it. 2. That perception or belief is absolutely laughable and powerless as soon as you choose to acknowledge that this is so. 3. What's the point of that? 4. It is simply this: If you would choose to awaken wholly, if you would choose not just to be a wave that has mysteriously arisen from the ocean, if you would choose to be more than just another soul that has arisen from the Mind of God and is, somehow, crashing about through the universe, it is absolutely necessary to own, as your own, the pebble that drops into the still, clear pool of your awareness with the thought, I am the one who chooses the effects I experience. 5. I, alone, interpret all neutral relationships or experiences. 6. I, alone, place the value upon objects, things, thoughts, belief systems. 7. I, alone, am the literal creator of my moment-to-moment experience.

22 This, as you can see, changes everything. 2. For never again can you allow yourself to feel as though you are merely a victim of unconscious forces. 3. Never again can you look out beyond yourself and find fault with another. 4. Never again can the energy of blame be projected from you to be dumped upon another. 5. Never again can the energy of judgment hold sway in your Holy Mind. 6. This thought, this one singular pebble, dropped into the still pool of your awareness, is absolutely essential if you would decide to awaken wholly.
7. And that is what this hour is about.

23 For though you would hear the word many times, that is, that which carries the vibration of Truth, it can be denied as many times as it is heard. 2. It can be allowed not, or, I should say, you can choose to not allow it to settle deep into that pool of awareness, so that it affects every drop of water that makes up the wave that you are. 3. You can hold on to the hope that you are still a victim of the world that you see, that events hold some value in themselves that does not come from what you place upon it. 4. And as long as you choose to deny the word, you cannot be set free.

24 For the mind that chooses, in even a small part, to perceive itself as a victim of its world of experience, remains power-less, remains in a state that generates frustration, weakness, fear, self-doubt, unworthiness, suffering, pain, emotional pain of aloneness or separation from others, lack of fulfillment, and ultimately, the echo of the belief that you have been squeezed so tightly by fear that you are literally separated from the Ocean of the Mind of God. 2. Awareness is all that you have and all that you are. 3. Out of your use of it, comes all that you choose to experience.

25 And out of that comes your decision of how you will experience what you have called to your self. 2. In Truth - and please listen well - no experience you have ever had has defined you or identified you. 3. No experience you have ever chosen to create, to call to your self, and then to value as you valued it, has ever made you higher than or less than any one else - not even me - though there are many who still need to believe that I am far beyond them. 4. No experience you have ever had has proven your unworthiness to be supported, to be loved, by your Creator.

26 And, therefore, you remain as you are created to be, a wave filled with the very selfsame Power of the Ocean Itself, a wave, a soul, a web of relationship arising from the Holy Mind of God with the momentum to flow on forever - with the freedom to create by deciding which vibrations you will allow to settle in and become a part of you, which thoughts you will defend, which perceptions you will cleave unto.

27 You are, then, eternally a creator. 2. And this is the one thing that you have no free will about. 3. You can never decide to be a non-participant in the very mystery of Creation's extension. 4. Because when you hold the thought, "I refuse to participate in God's Creation," you have literally created the perception, and therefore the experience, of yourself as being outside or separate from Creation itself. 5. You've created the insane emotion of trying to separate the wave from the Ocean Itself. 6. And you will create the perception of separation even though nothing, in reality, has been affected.

28 Why is this important? 2. Because you see, the process of healing is not difficult. 3. It requires only your willingness to accept that you are the effect of the Creator's desire to create like unto Itself, as a wave is the effect of the Ocean's desire to express Itself in a new way, a new form, and to bring a uniqueness to every wave that arises from within its Mysterious Depths.

29 Surrender, then, is the process in which you finally relent, you give up resisting the fact of your every existence. 2. You stop whining about it. 3. You stop lamenting it. 4. You stop worrying about it. 5. You make the decision to get on with being alive! 6. And what is alive about you is going to be alive forever. 7. And there is no place to hide and nowhere to go.

30 When you have dropped that pebble into the mind, I am not a victim of the world I see. I am a ceaseless creator, made and of one substance with, my Creator Itself. 2. Then, indeed, the questions begin to take a different shape. 3. You begin to use the power of your awareness to deliberately and selectively choose which vibrations, which webs of relationships, you're going to pull into your field of awareness - which ones you're going to resonate with and which ones you're going to let dissolve from your mind, from your awareness.

31 And if you have held onto a thought of smallness, a thought of lack, a thought of powerlessness, now you begin to see that it's perfectly neutral, perfectly safe to look upon everything you've ever created and experienced and say, Tis very good, and now I'm done with it. 2. What's next? 3. What pebbles can I drop into my Holy Mind in this very moment? 4. Can I look upon the current experience I'm having and see that it's nothing but the effect, the ripple, of a pebble or a thought that I dropped into my mind so long ago, so long ago that I don't even remember it? 5. Can I look upon those events that are unfolding around me (and if they're unfolding in your body, trust me, that is still around you, for you are much more than just the body), can I begin now, and am I willing now, to drop a different pebble into the still and infinite clarity of the pool of awareness that is what is alive about me always? 6. Dare I think a different thought? 7. Dare I drop such a pebble into my consciousness? Hmp.

32 And so what pebbles could they be? 2. Hmm, I think I'll become a world savior, a Christ. 3. What would that be like? 4. What vibrations would I need to let go out of my life and which ones would I need to open to? 5. What would it feel like? 6. What would I see as I look out through the field of my awareness at Creation? 7. Hmm. I think I'll allow myself to be able to commune with any web of relationship, any soul, any being, that exists on any plane of Creation. 8. Why, perhaps I'll even allow myself to know that I can be in communication with Jeshua ben Joseph. Hmp. 9. How wealthy can I become in this third-dimensional reality? 10. How many golden coins could I possibly create in order to give them away to others? 11. How many places on the planet could I take a body and plop it down upon, in the span of one short physical life? 12. How many beings could I say "I love you" to? 13. How big can I make my heart be? 14. How deep can I experience peace?

33 The realm of possibilities is as infinite as you are. 2. And the ones you select and choose are the ones that will create the web of relationships that you will call your life, your experience, even right down to the quality of how you will experience the transition, mistakenly called death, in your world. 3. Would you call it a death when you leave one room and close the door behind you and step into another room? 4. Of course not. 5. You just say, I was there: now I am here.

34 That is all that truly occurs when the molecules you've called to yourself are unglued because you release your value of them, and their constituents, their parts, dissolve back into the dust or the energy field of the planet. 2. You merely leave one room and step into another.

35 What I call you to in this hour is this: to be willing to allow the pebble to be dropped into your field, or pool of awareness, that carries the energy of the thought, From this moment forward, I elect to birth a Christ, and thereby learn what Christ is! 2. And your experience becomes the unfolding learning of what Christ is. 3. And when that learning completes itself, you discover that what you have learned is what you are created to be.
4. And you have returned full circle. 5. The prodigal son, journeying through the field of all possibilities, has returned as the Awakened Christ, and has taken up his or her rightful place at the right hand of the Creator.

36 What does all that symbology mean? 2. It just means you finally think only with your right-mindedness. 3. You think as God thinks, and God thinks lovingly. 4. God thinks infinitely, timelessly, patiently, certainly, and above all, God thinks play-fully - full of play!
5. When you feel, welling up within you, such Love and such joy that you can hardly contain it, don't you start dancing and moving the body about, going, Oh, my gosh! 6. What am I going to do about all this energy? 7. And you call your friends and say, Let's have a party, let's go to a movie, let's create a delicious feast. 8. Who could I write a letter to? 9. Oh, who could I send flowers to? 10. Don't you become caught up in the desire to let some energy expand out of you, to touch all parts of your creation?

37 Well, imagine being God - infinite, vast, without a top or a bottom or a left or a right, filled with nothing but pure, unconditional, radiant Love! 2. Can you imagine being able to contain yourself and say, Oh, well, I think I'll just sit here in this and not let anybody notice it. 3. No! God said, Let there be light! 4. And it was very good! 5. And He looked upon all of Creation, which literally means not just this planet but all of an infinite number of creations of dimension upon dimension upon dimension, and all little webs of relationships called souls that He brought into existence in one split second and said, Lo, it is very good! 6. This is My play! And My joy and My Love and My aliveness has poured forth and overflowed My Grand Being and brought forth into manifest creation - you! 7. You - each and every you of you, made of the very substance of that overwhelming Love and playfulness, the power to create infinitely, and thereby to extend Creation Itself! 8. That is who you are! 8. And that is where you find yourself, now, and now forever. 9. And you will never escape it.

38 Mastery comes when fear has been completely dissolved. 2. And fear is dissolved, not by fearing it, not by hating it, not by judging it, but by being looked upon with perfect innocence - embraced - in the same way that as a scientist would watch the ripples of a little pebble that's been dropped into a pool of water to see how they've created other ripples, and other temporary disturbances in the field or the surface of the water.

39 As you look within and notice the things you've become afraid of and how fear has constricted your creativity, your joy, and your playfulness, and your unlimitedness, you merely look with innocence and wonder and say, Oh, I see how that ripple has affected the creation that I call my life. Hmm 2. Do I like it? . . . not any more. 3. Good! 4. I think I'll be rid of that. 5. What can I replace it with?

40 Mastery is a state in which you have embraced yourself as a ceaseless creator and assumed complete responsibility for everything which comes into the field of your awareness, without judging it, so that you can simply decide whether it's going to stay or be dissolved in its effects. Mastery is fear-less-ness . . . no longer fearing the infinite, creative power of your perfect union with God. 2. "I and my Father are One!" is one expression of mastery.

41 And if I, who uttered those words once, so long ago, in your experience of time, can demonstrate to anyone who will look, that consciousness transcends the limited beliefs about the body and life and death that the world seems so determined to defend at all costs - if I can demonstrate that only Love is real, if I can demonstrate the power to communicate with minds across Creation, if I can bring forth creations by joining with other minds who
may temporarily think they are just a body, such that written words fall upon a page and the page becomes part of book that becomes part of something sitting on your shelf, such that your heart is touched at just the right time - if I can do these things, so, too, can you. 2. And indeed, greater things than these shall you do!

42 Beloved friends, is it not time to assume complete responsibility for the grand freedom that has been imparted to you by Abba - Father, Creator, Source of your being?
2. Is it not time to begin spending time disengaging from your entangled view that holds you to believe that what you feel and what you think is the effect of all of the energies and things that are coming at you, from around you, and begin to use time to decide which pebbles you will drop into the field of your awareness consistently, day by day, hour by hour, and even breath by breath?

43 For these things create your tomorrows, and you cannot ever escape the reality that you are and always will be in the process of creating your tomorrows. 2. Death will never separate you from it: denial does not change it. 3. And you are free to decide what your tomorrows will be through the act of seeking first the Kingdom, which means to rest into that inner silence in which you know that you are a wave having arisen with perfect momentum out of the depth of the Ocean of God's Holy Mind, and that what you carry with you is the result of the thoughts and the beliefs and the perceptions - like pebbles that you have dropped into the wave of your awareness.

44 This very process is what created you, and this very process is how you have always created. 2. If you've ever received an education, how did you end up with your body in a classroom? 3. Did somebody kidnap you and sit you down and say, "Here, you must learn these things"? 4. No. 5. You first held a thought, a picture, and you placed a value upon it, and you attracted the means that carried you into the lived experience of receiving the education that you had decided upon.

45 What relationship have you ever entered out of lack of awareness? 2. None. 3. You dropped the pebble into the mind that said, I want relationship with another being, another body, another place upon the physical planet. 4. You've always been doing it, and you have always experienced the fruit or the effect of the quality of vibration of the pebble that has created the ripples that have become your experiences. 5. In reality, then, your experience, that is, your awareness, what is true about you, is no different than what is true about me.

46 The only difference has been that I learned to train myself, hour by hour, to drop only unlimited pebbles that send out vibrations of unconditional acceptance and Love and forgiveness, and unconditional and unbridled vision, and revelation, while you have selected to do that a few times, but then you rush back and pick up the pebbles of unworthiness, or limitation, or lack, or fear, or smallness, and you drop ten or twelve quick ones in. 2. Then you go back to the other cupboard and go, Hmm, the pebble that says, "I and my Father are One" . . .oop, had enough of that! 3. And back you go again. 4. So, while I stay on this side of the fence going, I and my Father are One! I and my Father are One! I am Unlimited Beingness forever! How many universes can I be the Savior of today? 5. You have gone, That sounds very good. 6. I and my Father are One. 7. Oh, here is a pebble that says my car needs to break down today. Hmm. Hmp.

47 This is all there is! 2. Which side of the fence are you going to sit on and drop the pebbles in? 3. Which tree will you eat the fruit thereof? 4. The tree of knowledge of good and evil? Hmm. 5. Use that symbology well, for when you drop the pebble in the pond it is like saying, Well, I think I will take a bite of this piece of fruit. Oh, but it's so sweet, it's so good and so perfect, I'd better have a bite of a rotten one, too, to balance it out. 6. The tree of good and evil, positive and negative, unlimitedness/limitation, forgiveness/judgment, love/fear - it's like holding a beautiful flower and seeing the petals and going, Oh, it's so beautiful. I can't quite take it, so I think I'll prick my finger on the thorn and bring myself back down.

48 No one ever told you, and your Creator never insisted, that you eat of the tree of good and evil. 2. For all good fruit has been given you freely. 3. And you are always free to choose which fruit you will eat thereof. 4. I and my Father are One! 5. Mmm, what a blessed Creation. 6. I've been having so much fun as this wave. 7. Yes, I see what I have carried along with me. 8. Well, it was fun. 9. I gained a few things. 10. Now, what's next?
11. Unlimitedness - kerplunk! 12. Perfect love - kerplunk! Wealth - kerplunk! The ability to heal - kerplunk! kerplunk! kerplunk! 13. Oh, yes, I see that little pebble over there sitting on the shore that I've picked up a million times: unworthiness - kerplunk! 14. But no more!
15. Be done with you! 16. I and my Father are One! 17. I and my Father are One! 18. Father, create through me the good, the holy, and the beautiful, for this is the reason for my beingness! 19. How big of a wave can I become? 20. How powerful can I become? 21. How radiant can I become? 22. How much of You can I express through me? Hmmm. Kerplunk!

49 For remember well, that you are creating your tomorrows NOW! 2. And what you experience never comes to you from outside your Self.

50 If you worry over lack of golden coins - kerplunk! 2. And you begin to attract the vibrational ripples that will seem to picture back to you, reflect back to you, the truth that you have chosen to believe: "I live in lack and I can't get out (kerplunk)! 3. I can't possibly talk to Jeshua. 4. I'm not worthy. 5. Maybe this my beloved brother that you call the Jon Marc, perhaps he is worthy enough, but then, he's special. Kerplunk!" 6. And the vibrational waves that come to you are that static that restricts your ability to transcend the third dimension and plug into others. 7. So that even if I yell and shout, Hey, I'm talking to you. Listen! 8. The mind says, That's not possible, because I've dropped a rock in (kerplunk!) that says, "It's not possible." 9. And therefore, I do not hear a thing.

51 Do you begin to get the picture? 2. Do you begin to feel, in the core of your beingness, the essence of this hour's message? 3. You cannot escape being what you are created to be. 4. And in each and every moment you are, literally, using that ceaseless and unlimited power to create. 5. And you remain perfectly free at any time to create anew.
6. And what you will experience in your tomorrows is only the effect of which pebbles you are choosing to drop into the field of your awareness as thoughts now.

52 So the only question is (and with this question we will complete this short message, but a very important message upon which we will be building) the question is this: Am I, as a creative being, made in the image of God, willing to deliberately, consciously, and actively choose being responsible for which thoughts, which pebbles, are dropped into my mind in each moment? 2. And if the answer is yes, what do I want the new pebbles to be? 3. What vibrational qualities will I call to myself and thereby create my tomorrows? Humm.

53 Any time you react to what you believe is outside of yourself, you may be absolutely positive of this: You have elected to pick up that old pebble that said: I'm a victim of the world I see. 2. What I experience is caused by forces outside of me. 3. The fault really is in my mother, my brother, my father, my child. 4. The fault really is in the government, and the planet, and the quality of air. 5. The fault really is from a source outside of me, and I have no choice but to react to it. 6. To which I can only say, Would you rather be right or happy?

54 Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, consider well the essence of the message of this hour. 2. For, upon this, we will begin to build as we move toward the ending of this year of The Way of the Heart, which is but a foundation from which those that are willing can spring forth into a grander dimension, a grander experience of living as a deliberate co-creator with God.

55 But it all begins with a need to be responsible for owning the Truth of the message of this hour. 2. For without that, there can be no change in your consciousness, and therefore, in what you will experience in your tomorrows. 3. So if there is something in your present that makes you shudder, just think what's waiting for you if you once again deny choosing this responsibility and the power that comes with it.

56 And with that, indeed, beloved and holy friends, remember that I come not to bring peace to the world, but to shake it up so that those beings who make up the world can discover where true peace is truly hidden - within themselves. 2. And where Heaven abides - within themselves. And where Christ lives - within themselves.

Peace, then, be unto you always. Amen.

* * * * * * * *

57 We have questions from Lenny from New Jersey. 2. During a period of higher consciousness, I was aware of a presence that encompassed individuals. 3. It was plain to me that it performed a function of guiding the person into appropriate experiences. 4. I'm not clear if this is what you call The Holy Spirit. 5. It seemed to be like an Oversoul of the person. 6. Would you please clarify this presence and the Holy Spirit?

58 A: First, I'm curious what you've done with the old jersey. Hmm . . .hmm. 2. Strange world in which you live! Hmm.

59 Beloved friend, the answer to be given fully would require some complexity and a great expanse of your time. 2. For there are many qualities or nuances of experience within consciousness, what you would call "higher consciousness," though personally, I know of no such higher or lower. 3. There is merely awareness of, which is what consciousness is.

60 What I have called as the Holy Spirit is not an entity. 2. It is a form of energy. 3. I've called it before right-mindedness, which merely means Mind that is operating in alignment with unlimitedness, aligned with the Mind of God. 4. Therefore, what is required, by way of guidance or knowledge, simply flows in an unimpeded way. 5. The Holy Spirit is that aspect of one's own Mind that is, indeed, and has always remained aligned with the Mind of God. 6. Therefore, it would be very appropriate to say that The Holy Spirit is as your Oversoul, if you will. 7. It is an aspect of your own beingness given and shared equally by all. 8. The Comforter. The Holy Spirit, is right-mindedness, correct seeing, right alignment.

61 In the experience that you had, it was a very valid experience. 2. You weren't coloring what you were experiencing at all. 3. You were just witnessing it. 4. It would be very appropriate to say that you were, indeed, seeing, perceiving, feeling, what you can call the Oversoul, an aspect of one's soul. 5. And yet, at the same time, it was and is, remains the presence of the Holy Spirit, that part of the Spirit of that being that has remained whole always. 6. Often what is called guidance, those little intuitive nudges, the clear pictures and visions, the feelings throughout the body, emanate from that part of your own right-mindedness. 7. It seems to be speaking to you from another place only because you have not yet cultivated the quality of understanding that that is more you than the you that you thought was you.

62 Higher consciousness - there is no such thing. 2. There is only the remembrance and the recognition of what is true always. 3. Yes, you can constrict yourself into what you call lower consciousness, but what's present? 4. Consciousness, the freewill choice and the use of unlimited power to generate experience for yourself. 5. That doesn't sound very low to me at all. 6. It is infinite. 7. It's just that perhaps tomorrow, you may not make that same choice again. 8. But it does not make it lower. 9. Lower and higher are a judgment.

63 There is Love and fear, but I've never said that fear is lower than Love. 2. It is merely a choice. 3. And from choice comes experience. 4. And you are free to gather to yourself whatever form of experience you wish - that which expresses Love or fear. 5. But underneath each of them, the power to choose remains one and the same - infinite forever, unstoppable forever - given to you freely by a Creator Who loves you, Who loves you so much that you are given perfect freedom.

64 The next question is from Maria from Washington. 2. How can I tell the difference between old ego habits of feeling and feelings which need to be felt to completion?

65 A: First, beloved friend, is there a difference? 2. Your experience is always of and in the present, for what arises is not past, it is now. 3. Is it an old ego pattern? 4. Perhaps.
5. If there is a sense of constriction, a sense of resistance, a sense of judgment of self or another, rest assured that what has arisen to temporarily dominate your attention is an egoic pattern, since the ego is, by definition, the constriction away from Love. 6. And therefore, the loss of peace is its result.

66 Look well, then, and simply recognize, What is arising in this moment? 2. Am I willing to look upon it, to feel it, to embrace it? 3. And as we would perceive and observe, you are beginning to recognize, Am I willing, yet, to breathe? 4. For to breathe is Life!

67 Feel, then, what you are truly feeling. 2. Observe what is truly present within the mind. 3. In this way, you take your hands and cup them around whatever that is. 4. And when you have done that, then recognize this great Truth: I can choose again and I can choose peace instead of this. 5. Now, the "this" is not so much the picture or what you might call a memory, or a feeling, or something that's coming up. 6. The "this" speaks to your judgment, your perception of what is arising. 7. You can choose peace instead of the perception that steals your peace. 8. And that is the place of infinite and perfect power to literally transform your Life!

68 Beloved friend, the past does not exist at any moment. 2. If the mind is causing, bringing forth, a picture or a thought that seems to be reminiscent of the past by your own decree, rest assured that it is arising in this present moment which is the only place creation and experience occur. 3. The past, then, can exist for you only if you recreate it now. 4.This recreation does not mean that an image or a picture cannot arise in the mind, what you call memory, although it is a very present experience. 5. We are speaking here of the experience you created when that same picture appeared in your experience in a different time frame.
6. Your experience is never caused by what arises in the field of your awareness. 7. Your experience - listen well - your experience is how you have chosen to react in the emotional and mental field to a neutral event that has arisen. 8. All events are neutral. 9. The reaction to them is what generates experience.

69 When nails were driven through my hands, that was an entirely neutral event.
2. Although, by the way, many friends scurried about. 3. It didn't appear to be so neutral, but it was neutral for me. 4. Therefore, understand beloved friend, that whatever events have ever unfolded in the realm of your experience, each and every one of them was perfectly neutral, until you responded with the reaction that you were choosing in order to create an experience in the emotional body, in order to create a learning experience about the potentials of your own consciousness. 5. Forgiveness, healing, peace, and awakening are equally potentials within your own mind. 6. Equal to and, indeed, even greater than anything that you have experienced heretofore.

70 Therefore, understand, beloved friend: Nothing has been caused by anything or anyone outside yourself, What arises is always present experience. 2. Embrace it, look upon it, claim it, own it, feel it, breather through it, and then recognize that you are free to choose again.

71 Herein lies the straight and narrow path that leads to Life! 2. And you have a friend, currently without a body, who wants nothing more than to witness your true Living. 3. And you have countless friends, with bodies, who share the same desire.

72 Be you, therefore, that which you are! 2. And live from the power given unto you, from the freedom in which you abide always as the Love that you are!

73 The last question for this evening is from Steve from Maui. 2. What is the difference between that which needs to be healed and just being the perfect being we are?

74 A: There is no difference. 2. When you are, in Truth, being the perfect being that you are, you will find that there is an absence of resistance. 3. The mind that seeks to try to understand what must be healed, or the mind that says, Well, this is coming up and I really don't think that's who and what I am anyway, so why don't I just abide in some spiritual realm? 4. That mind is in resistance. 5. It has lost its humility. 6. It has lost its perfect trust that the Father of all things knows how to guide you home. 7. And home is merely back to a place where you become willing to allow something to be extended through you.

75 Let me share with all of you something that's rather important that has not truly been brought out as clearly as it needs to be. 2. Often, when something comes up for healing, it is an energy - listen well, especially my dear friend from Washington who asked a question earlier - although you seem to associate it with some memory or experience that you think is within your very private realm of experience, what is actually coming up to be healed is an energy that is involved and is controlling the life of another soul. 3. It's being presented to your consciousness because you are at a place where you have the power and the clarity to understand that it can be healed.

76 And that is why when you choose healing, when you don't resist what comes up, when you realize that Love trusts all things, embraces all things, allows all things and transcends all things, when you realize that you are merely the bringer of Love, then it doesn't matter what comes up! Oh! This needs healing. 2. And you heal it from an impersonal level. 3. You don't identify with it, even if you think it's linked somehow to something you are quite certain has been part of your past experience.

77 Sometimes you can't even remember where you put your car keys. 2. How do you know for sure it's from your past? 3. Just heal it. 4. Because when you do that, you are being the perfection of the beingness you are. 5. You are being Christ that is saying, Come and lay your sins upon the altar of my Heart, and I will heal it for you.

78 It doesn't matter where it came from. 2. It doesn't matter who caused it. 3. All that matters is the healing. 4. If it comes up and you recognize there's an obstacle, something that requires healing from the perfection of your being, wrap the Love of Christ around it and heal it. 5. And when you do that, you uplift a brother or sister who you may never physically meet.

79 If your commitment is to Christ, your commitment is to the healing of anything that is unlike Love. 2. It's mere entertainment to try to figure out whether its your stuff or somebody else's. 3. Does it matter? 4. And is there a separation between you and all of your brothers and sisters? 5. To assist another to heal is to heal yourself. 6. To heal yourself is to uplift another. 7. There is only Love and fear. 8. Ultimately, you are really just healing fear by bringing Love to it.

80 There seem to be many minds and individuals through which Love and fear seem to battle for ascendancy. 2. That is like the waves on top of the ocean. 3. In this realm of experience, you believe that there are many separate minds. 4. Ultimately you are all but an aspect of one another. 5. And there is only one Child of God that exists. 6. Heal what is presented to your consciousness and stop identifying it as yours. 7. There is Love. 8. There is fear. 9. There is the need to heal, which is the bridge between the two. 10. Will you choose to identify as fear and, therefore, deny Love? 11. Or will you identify yourself as Love and get on with it? 12. If you are abiding in the perfection of your being, I believe the answer becomes self evident.

81 So! There are so many that come and ask me questions, but I never get to ask one.
2. So I'm going to ask a question. 3. Will you, you who hears these words, will you be willing to be the Light that lights this world, by fully becoming committed, in each moment and with each breath, to the choice for healing through Love and forgiveness? 4. Just something to think about from time to time. 5. Peace be with you, then.

82 And those of you that are listening to this tape, or hearing these words and are near the time when you are to lay the body down and get the precious "beauty sleep" you need, will you rest your head upon the pillow this evening and give me just a moment of your time by acknowledging that you know that there is no distance between us at all, save the width of a thought you would choose to think? 2. Think, therefore, and know that I am with you. 3. And we will, indeed, journey together while the body slumbers.
Peace be with you always. Amen.