Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harmony through Conflict


What is it to be conflict free? What is it to be in perfect peace and harmony? Does it mean that the society or the world must conform to our way of thinking? Does it mean change, but only outer change? If only this person or situation would change the way I would like it to change then I would be conflict free and at peace.

I ask my Self that question many times and what I am discovering is that to be conflict free is where the outside and the inside are no longer in conflict with each other meaning the world as I am seeing it without and the world I am seeing within. When these two worlds no longer collide or are in conflict, no matter the degree, then what follows is integration where the two become whole and one. This is where one experiences fulfillment and all your needs and desires are met as they are truly needed. This is where your desires are no longer in conflict with anyone else’s desires are in conflict and where you realize that your purpose for being is the same for everyone else and no matter what you ask for because it is one purpose is always given and received.

Is it true that if we all were feeling conflict free, at peace and did not have any resentments toward any situation or person including ones self that it would not matter at all what any one else was doing or saying and it would not matter what the situation we found yourself in as long as we all felt good about our self and that we were experiencing unlimited joy, love and peace.

The only thing about that statement is that if one suffers we all suffer. If we are tossing in the pond a pebble of suffering then all who are in that pond will feel that pebble and the waves or the ripple that pebble is cause would reach everyone shore. We can’t do it alone because we are not alone. Reality is one, though there appear many, the many are in the one. Reality is singular and so none of us are alone in experiencing our thought, feeling and actions. The question we might ask ourselves is, are we going to react to a person or a situation or are we going to be proactive? Are we going to be the cause or the effect?

The way I am seeing it is that is never about the other person or the situation that we want changed it is about the way I am feeling at the moment and the thoughts that are running in my so called mind. I know for me, that it is, the way I am feeling and not what I am feeling about, such as this person or that thing.

If this is true then the change that is needed for the suffering to end is with us, with me. Isn’t true forgiveness about changing the way one feels? It is the feeling itself and that is what needs to be up rooted the cause for the way I feel which is never directed to anyone outside yourself or any situation outside of you. It comes from the feeling that I am moving away from the source of my peace and choosing for the moment to go against the grain of my being. It is when I am choosing to be an ego a separate private authorizer of the way thing are and will be and where I am choosing to define or create my own reality separate from the Reality that already is which is always conflict free and in perfect harmony.

It always begins within. I am finding that by uprooting the cause;  the misperception of a self centered ego as the reason for the way I feel and asking for the truth, being what the true nature of being is and the real way to feel, to be revealed and that is underlining this feeling or thought and letting it go without any judgment about anything  being right or wrong and just letting the thought pass or the feeling pass through without holding on to it and causing a resentment or anyone to suffer so that a new feeling of wholeness and complete harmony can reach the surface again. This new feeling of joy or peace can once more emerge as a wave and one can ride it right on through to the shore of ones being. Remember, I have been told that we are just passing through so we need to learn to not take anything serious, because we are just passing through and when we take something serious, is where we appear to be stuck. So let go of everything that would impede your progress or you coming home to the shore of your being your own right mind.

I will be still and listen to the Truth and for the Truth and I will go home. Peace to my mind, let all my thoughts be still is to let go of all conflicting thoughts and ideas and then peace will come.

One may look at it as the sun being you in your natural state where one feels perfect peace and joy, contentment and happiness and these feeling or disturbances are the clouds passing by  for the moment appear to hide the light inside. The only thing is the clouds are only temporary and when you try to touch them the cloud disappears. The cloud is a temporary thing, but the Sun that is You is forever shining. The Sun is constant joy no matter what the conditions may appear below.  The Sun doesn’t stop shinning or withdrawing its love. It holds no grievances, its nature is to shine and that is what it does no matter what the weather may be.

We all need to connect with that Sun that shines in us all no matter whom the person is or the situation we find our self in.

The reason we do not see the light or the true nature of Reality or the true nature of what we are and what are brother and sister is, is because of the blocks the feelings and the resentments we hold against each other and against ourselves.
All we have to do is be willing to let go of any resentment we hold against each other and ourselves and we will be free of suffering.

Forgiveness is not about the other person. We need to forgive our self and what are we forgiving the resentment we hold against our self or the situation or the other person and when we can let that go without any misgivings, without any judgment of any kind such as I will let go of this feeling as long as this person changes or this situation changes the way I would like it to be then all is forgiven.

I feel that forgiveness is letting go of resentment, any kind of resentment big or small. It could be a pebble, a rock or even a grain of sand. No matter what the grievances may be, be willing to give it over to the hand of light and let the hand of light tossed it into the infinite and return to you or your world that you perceive separate into the Rainbow Light of Spirit and then let this light shine through you onto your world of your creation. This light will, if you let it, bring everything you are feeling good or bad to the Truth of what is really being You and transform it all into the Golden Light of your Christed Self or Buddha Nature.

If we are the love that we are seeking or willing to receive then there can be no grievances, because love is the true nature of Reality hold no grievances.

Peace is where conflict is impossible. If we feel our buttons pushed or any reaction what so ever that is a conflict and that means we are not at peace. If we let the conflict go and give it over to the Holy Spirit without any bias or ulterior motive other then we choose not to suffer and we desire no one else to suffer either and that we want peace unconditionally then the peace will come and pass over all of your understanding and we will be filled with our cups running over without any measure, any limit or boundaries.

The reason we all have experienced conflict is because of our misperception, our way of seeing. These distorted perceptions of the way we see the world, each other and ourselves comes from the way we think and the way we think always comes from the say we believe. This is what is causing the illusion of suffering and I do say illusion because the Sun does  not suffer and our true nature does not suffer, because the true nature of your eternal being is peace and peace cannot suffer  because there is no conflict.

So we again ask ourselves or the Holy Spirit or our guides what is the Truth here, what is the true nature of Reality and what must I do if anything to experience this other way of seeing that I will know peace and be able to see the Divinity of All, in All and for All.

Let me my Father witness for you and all your creation the Truth of what everything is. Let me see from your undistorted perspective the way things really are and as you have created them and as I am created.

Father and Mother God, Oh Creator, Oh Source of all being,
Help me to be willing to let go of anything that would cause me to suffer and experience conflict and resentment. Help me to know what real peace is, the peace that passeth all understanding.  Let me know your mercy and loving kindness, because we care and we care about each other, because we are a part of each other and if one suffers, we all suffer.

Let suffering end for all of us your children. It is not your will that we suffer and it is your light that you send to us all to shine in darkness we made and bring to light all that suffer and bring to light the Truth of our Divinity. Let us walk this earth together in loving kindness toward each other so that one day we will see earth and heaven together as one and the world we see without and the world we see within will be as one and no longer will we see it separate or in conflict.

We ask this through the Holy Spirit our own Right Mind and through all those who are now Awake and through the Master Jesus our Lord, friend and brother.
So be it, Amen!

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