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The Gospel of Jesus decoded

The Gospel of Jesus Decoded: Christ and Kundalini, Part 1 by Michael Bowes

Posted by: Michael Bowes • Mar 8th, 2010
Although it is referred to in many different ways the Kundalini Shakti plays a key role in all spiritual traditions.  The principles are the same, the effects are the same; but the words and symbols used to express Kundalini differ.  In the Judeo/Christian tradition Kundalini is known as the Holy Spirit, Living Water, Christ, the Anointing, the Word and by other terms as well.
But before exploring the details of Kundalini in the Judeo/Christian scriptures, I would like to introduce the subject by examining the authentic and original message of Jesus.  Unless one understands Jesus’ core message it will not be possible to see how Kundalini is the key to his teaching.  The original message of Jesus was lost in translation, couched in symbol and metaphor and obscured by time, and has never been commonly understood.  Today there are many different Christian sects with vastly different interpretations of Jesus’ sayings.  How then is it possible to decipher the mystery so long after the fact?  To determine the original and authentic message of Jesus, as well was the involvement of Kundalini; we will examine his words in the original languages that the Bible was written in – Hebrew and Greek.  And then we can compare his message to the teachings of other spiritual luminaries such as Shankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna, and others.  We will discover that the great spiritual teachers all agree on the most sacred essence of spirituality.
And what is his fundamental message?  In the Bible when Jesus uses the word “gospel”, which usually means message, the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” or “Kingdom of God” is always present in the same sentence or passage.  So Jesus’ message is that the “The Kingdom of Heaven/God is within you.”
Now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
– Luke 17:20, 21
Jesus did not teach that he had come to earth to be a sacrifice for men’s sins.  He proclaimed the amazing message of the Kingdom of Heaven.  He also commanded his disciples to proclaim the message of the Kingdom of Heaven/God, and as far as I know he did not instruct them to preach anything else.  But what is the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God?
In the Bible the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is translated from the Greek words BASILEIA OURANOS.  BASILEIA is translated as “kingdom”.  According to Thayer’s Lexicon the primary meaning of BASILEIA is “royal power”.  Power creates and sustains a “kingdom”.  Without power a kingdom cannot exist.  Without power a king is nothing.  That is why the word “kingdom” is actually a secondary definition of BASILEIA.  BASILEIA is feminine gender and its primary meaning is “royal power” or “governing power”.
When Jesus replied to the disciples about the coming of the Kingdom (Acts 1:8), he stated that they would “…receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…”  By this statement Jesus related the “kingdom” to a “spiritual power”.
Jesus expressed the same fact in Mark 9:1.
And He was saying to them, “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.”
The apostle Paul asserted the same truth:
For the kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power.
– First Corinthians 4:20
It is obvious from the primary definition of the word BASILEIA and its use in the scriptures, that it can be translated as “royal power or governing power”.  In this sense BASILEIA is very similar to the definition of SHAKTI.  According to the Monier-Williams Sanskrit English Dictionary the word SHAKTI, usually translated as “divine power” (feminine), also means “regal power” and “feminine or procreative energy”.
The word “heaven” in the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is translated from the Greek word OURANOS.  The definition of OURANOS is—UNIVERSE.  In old English the concept of the universe was expressed as “the heavens”.  Somewhere along the way the plural expression “heavens” was replaced by the singular expression—“heaven”.  The attempt to translate or interpret OURANOS–“universe” as “heaven” (singular), is totally erroneous and misleading.
The biblical Greek phrase BASILEIA OURANOS should translate as—“the DIVINE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE”.  Jesus’ message was about the “power of the universe”, The Cosmic Lord; not about an “earthly kingdom” or a “paradise” to be enjoyed after death.  Jesus taught that the “divine power of the universe” or the “power of God” is within you.  Jesus taught a version of pantheism (worship or reverence of the universe and nature).  But Jesus also taught that the very power that manifests itself as the Universe is within you, and can be experienced within one’s self and that it IS one’s true SELF – the Self of All.  He referred to this experience as the New Birth.  The concept of the New Birth is also found in Hinduism, and is expressed as DWIJA (the twice-born).
A microcosm of the universe, the universal ocean of power and bliss, dwells within one’s own heart.  The sum total of all of the light, power and bliss that is manifested throughout the entire macrocosm can be experienced within the Spiritual Heart, which is the same as one’s own Self.
Please consider the following quotations from various sources:
7:5.  This is My lower nature.  But, different from it, know, O mighty Arjuna, My higher nature—the Indwelling Spirit by which the universe is sustained.
7:6.  Know that these two form the womb of all beings.  I am the origin of the entire universe and also its dissolution.
7:7.  There exists nothing whatever higher than I AM, O Dhananjaya.  All is strung on Me as a row of gems on a thread.
Bhagavad Gita, Translated by Swami Nikhilananda
To realize the whole universe as the Self is the means of getting rid of bondage.  There is nothing higher than in identifying the universe with the Self.  One realizes this state by excluding the objective world through steadfastness in the eternal Atman.
Verse 339, from The Vivekacudamani of Sri Shankaracharya, translated by Swami Madhavananda
When there is not the I-thought, then there will be no other thought. Until that time, when other thoughts arise, (asking) “to whom?” (will call forth the reply) “To me.” He who pursues this closely, questioning “What is the origin of the I?” and diving inwards reaches the seat of the mind (within) the Heart, becomes (there) the Sovereign Lord of the Universe.
Eight Stanzas to Arunachala, by Sri Ramana Maharshi (A Portion of Stanza Seven)
11:  The whole universe is in the body and the whole body is in the Heart.  Hence all the universe is contained in the Heart.
12:  The universe is nothing but the mind, and the mind is nothing but the Heart.  Thus the entire story of the universe culminates in the Heart.
“Master:  ‘The jnani reasons about the world through the process of Neti, Neti, and at last reaches the Eternal and Indivisible Satchidananda.  He reasons in this manner:  Brahman is not the living beings; It is neither the universe nor the twenty-four cosmic principles.  As a result of such reasoning he attains the Absolute.  Then he realizes that it is the Absolute that has become all this—the universe, its living beings, and the twenty-four cosmic principles.”
The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Translated by Swami Nikhilananda
Similar quotations from various sources about the nature of the Universal Self are included in an addendum at the end of this article.  Hopefully the reader already understands that the message of Jesus, The Bhagavad Gita, Shankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Ramakrishna all resonate as One.  According to these masters the summit of spirituality is the realization of our Oneness with the indwelling Power of the Universe – The Cosmic Lord, The Self of All.  Jesus called it the Divine Power of the Universe; but it has been misunderstood by the Christian Church and the Bible translates it as the Kingdom of Heaven.
So what role does Kundalini play in the realization of the Cosmic Lord, the Self of All?  We will begin to explore that question in Part Two of The Gospel of Jesus Decoded.

To Know the SELF (Kingdom of Heaven) is to know Everything and to not Know the SELF is to know nothing!

To Know the SELF (Kingdom of Heaven) is to know Everything and to not Know the SELF is to know nothing! To know the Self is to know all desires are one and all goals are one and you are the desire and your are the goal.

One can Know the Self exist, but that is the door of Realization, but to know the Self not only exist but is your and the Realization that you are the Self becomes one and in this Realization comes the Knowing that this Self is everyone and... everything and in this Self contains Everything there is.
To Realize the SELF takes what is called Illumination and Illumination take concentration and meditation. Illumination is where one receives the inner Light and when that light is concentrated enough and has fills you to the point that you are able to see the Self and have the Realization that the I that you thought you were is not You, but the I that is the Self that you are now seeing is You is the Door of Realzation and the veil of ignorance has been rent. When that happens the Self that you really ARE see you and in that moment you see the Self and you see the Self that is you seeing you.
God Realization is where you realize that you are the SELF and with that Realization It becomes you or you become one with your Selfand therefore one with the Universe and all beings and everything there is. In this Realization one realizes all desire are one and all goals are one, all paths are one and that there is nothing that is not the One.
May you find the Self Now.

The SELF is the great pearl of great price that all man will sell everything for. The SELF is the mustard seed that when fully grown becomes the strongest tree. The SELF is the diamond in the Heart. The SELF is You. It is the Christ and It ...is You. You are the Christ the Son/Daughter of the living God.
In the Hinduism, It is the Atman, which is the Son point and Brahama the Creator is the Father point and that means you are the microcosm within the macrocosm, the spark within the Flame, the wave within the sea, the drop of water within the ocean that always returns to its Source, the salt of the earth symbolizing the crystalized form of you as the cube of space and the grain of sand that is just one grain of sand within all the many grains of sand of all the universe that cannot equal all the stars in all the heavens of all the universes of the Universe.
All of this symbolizes your relationship with the Whole and the Whole is the Father and the relationship is the Father and the Son/Daughter and at the same time ultimately it is You because the SELF is all there is. It is the one true identity of all there is. It is your Identity with the ONE.

In Hinduism there is the power of the snake that is coiled at the base of the spine and is called the Kundalini which is another word for the Holy Spirit which is the power of the Universe and is the SELF and when this serpent or snake is risen one Ascends. When the Holy Spirit rises in the heart it become you in your right mind. This is a Realization. This is also the Illumination and where the eye become single and the whole body becomes filled with Light until all there is, is Light and in this Light one sees the nature of Reality which is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is You in Everything and in Everyone and this realization is also what Love is and is also the experience of Cosmic Consciousness the Consciousness of God.

God bless you all and may you find the Self Now!

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Religion Divides, Love Unites: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Religion Divides, Love Unites: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Posted: 19 Jul 2010 08:01 AM PDT

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, Christianity, and other religions and spiritual traditions use different words and concepts to describe the ultimate nature of Reality. Sometimes, the scholars and preachers from these faiths argue with each other over who is right and who is wrong. There are even strong disagreements within the same religion and spiritual tradition about the nature of God or Salvation or Heaven, etc.

Even within Hinduism and the Shiva-Shakti traditions, there are great debates about the nature of the highest state. These differences in description of the highest reality and knowledge are only in the words that come through the conditional mind and not in the experience and understanding of great Sages.

My teacher Chitrabhanu-ji used to say that in Buddhism when they say that  the ultimate state is empty it does not mean that it is “nothingness”. It means that it is No-thing-ness.

This is the experience of the Self-Realized sages. The highest state is empty of all things, concepts, images. It is the end of imagination and all experiences find their resting place in the Self. It is noteworthy that while most orthodox and traditional scholars of Hinduism reject Buddhism, Sri Ramana spoke favorably of Buddha.

There are no good words to fully indicate the ultimate state. The Self, which the ancient sages said is Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss) is the very nature of Fullness.  This underlying unity is recognized when the mind with its fascination with concepts, things, and experiences has subsided.

Even the notion of no-self and self or Self are concepts only. In order to communicate, words have to be used to indicate the experience and nature of Reality that sits in the center of our Heart, our existence. What ever term one uses to describe THAT, It is what It Is.

When Moses asked God about his nature, God could only say, “I Am That I Am”. What else could God say? The nature of God cannot be comprehended by the mind. The mind has to surrender and dissolve itself into the Lord of the Heart for the Reality to reveal It Self.

So, religions use different names to describe the ultimate state. We can call it the Absolute, God, God Consciousness, or the Self, or the no-self or Shunya, etc. What difference can it make? If we understand this deeply through experience of God in our Heart, and see that it is the same God in every Heart, then we stop fighting and arguing over religion and spirituality.

Bhagavan Ramana used to say, “Ahimsa Param Dharma”. It means essentially that kindness, compassion, nonviolence, and love is the supreme religion. Love is the highest state. As Bhagavan has said, “Love is the actual form of God.”

[Sri Ramana with Lakshmi and her Calf]

Soul Moments: By Aparna Sharma

Posted: 19 Jul 2010 05:25 AM PDT

Who says God will come to you?? For ‘will come’ implies a distance in space and time. The Guru, the Master the Supreme Being or the ‘SELF’  is always there- shrill, in his silence…. It is only when we tune in to that presence, even for a moment that he quickly draws us in- in form of a poem that opens up something inside, or words, or a thousand hued monsoon sky, or a vision, a scenery, a fragrance, a note—ANYTHING that touches you for a moment and unravels so many parts of you.

Every now and then, there will be a word, said or unsaid that will touch a thousand strings of the being and music bursts forth—thousands of notes you haven’t even heard for centuries or for lifetimes… (for who can fathom how many strings you’ve acquired over how many lifetimes?)  And once you have experienced that ‘opening up’ within- A moment when all the constructions of the ego and mind and petty emotions fall apart, it kind of becomes addictive, you want to go back there again and again, for the soul has experienced what it truly IS in that moment.

What we have constructed over the years , all our mental constructions of ego and mind and the irascible  being inside masquerading as heart- all these constructions stifling the soul- fall apart. The fa├žade falls apart for a moment and you stand in your bare nakedness, in your TRUTH. These are what I call ‘soul moments’- the only ones we have truly lived. We have all known those moments of pure transparency triggered by a thing of beauty, or a sunlit sky, or even deep scathing pain- anything that breaks open the shell, when a real ‘I’ has emerged in us out of these thousands of hours of nonexistence. A point where the whole being gathers together in a great poignant intensity and something is rent.

The soul stands in its utter nakedness confronting (or experiencing) its own hour of truth.

The way is not to acquire something or become something, but to give up and non-become. “the child suppressed in the secret cavern” says the Rig Veda (V.2.1), “he that is awake in those who sleep” (Katha Upanishad, V.8.)- to be in that Center

“.. .the sunlit space where all is for ever known” (Sri Aurobindo ‘Savitri’

If we have felt this Sun within, this flame, this living life even for one second in a lifetime, everything is changed; everything else pales before that moment of truth. And if we are faithful to this call (the addiction) to be there again and again, it will grow like a living flame inside our being, like an untiring need, getting more and more poignant, undeniable- like something unable to burst open:

A terrible sensation that something prevents you from seeing and going through; you try to go through, but you find yourself before a wall. So you bang and bang on it but you can’t go through, says The Mother. The pressure becomes so great, the intensity of the question so strong that something tips over in the consciousness. Instead of being outside trying to see inside, you are inside’ and the moment you are inside, absolutely everything changes, and changes completely. All that appeared to you to be true, natural, normal, real tangible, at once appears highly grotesque, comical, unreal and absurd. You have touched something supremely true and eternally beautiful; and this you never lose again.

Only a matter of gathering enough ‘soul moments’ …. Gathering enough drops of sun, before true life opens up as though we had never seen sunlight before.   :-)

You are neither behind the point of perfection nor are you advancing toward it. You are at the point of perfection and it is from there you must understand your self from.


Namaste The Divinity in me greets the Divinity in you.

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Supreme Balance


What is balance? What is Supreme Balance? How does one achieve balance? These are important questions to ask if one is to create harmony in one’s experience and in the world. Balance and harmony go hand in hand and is really the same thing. To achieve balance one must also realize harmony and vice a versa.
Think of all the things that you have seen of in the world. What are some of the things one has seen that are examples of balance and harmony. If you really look hard enough one will find that there is no limit to examples of harmony and balance. One will find that in the spiritual, mental, emotional and the physical realms there is a need to experience balance and harmony if one is to grow or unfold into one’s unlimited and full potential of being.
In Truth and in Essence one can say after examining this concept of balance that it is all inclusive of everything there is. It is a universal principle and a law of being and my Teacher has said to me as well as many other teachers have said that this principle of balance and harmony is synonymous with Enlightenment. To be fully enlightened free of all and any form of limitation one is also in a conscious state of Supreme Balance.
All the teachings of the ages, all the wisdom teachings and any true teaching of value that if practiced would lead to Supreme, Perfect Happiness and Bliss is Harmony and Balance because this principle is the true state of one’s being. It is peace, love and joy. It is a state of true equanimity. It is a state that is without any conflict, effort or strife. It is a state of complete rest and relaxation. It is in Essence what being is. Being is in a state of complete equilibrium.
There are several other principles that are also all inclusive and express the natural order of everything and the true state of being everything is in. Harmony or Balance is based on the laws of the universe. One way to express this order of reality is to use as a symbol of wholeness or essence is a diamond. A diamond is the hardest stone we know of and can cut through anything. Now if one is to use a diamond to symbolize Reality in its Wholeness, one realizes that the diamond is shaped like a prism that has different sides or facets to it that make up the shape of a diamond. These sides can reflect light through it at different degrees and potencies depending on the shape of the facet. Each facet can be said to be a different quality or attribute of the whole diamond but without that particular facet it would not be a perfect diamond and there would be flaws in it and its worth would decrease. The point here is that these facets are in the same way as these different principle or laws that hold this substance of the earth together into one piece. The laws of the universe are representative of the nature of Reality and how Reality operates or let us say the universe functions.
There is a saying in the world of conventional reality that you can’t have one without the other. One cannot have light without the opposite which is darkness, but you can have equal parts of the same thing which is just two sides of the same coin. This equality is what balance is not more than the other. How can one recognize the Light for what it is if one has not experienced the darkness equally to the degree one experiences the Light. There is another saying,’ where there is the brightest light there is also the darkest shadow. ‘
In the world of opposites there is also harmony or balance between the opposites so that there is again equilibrium. If there is more of one then the other it will cause an imbalance and the laws of the universe will correct that imbalance in whatever way it is deemed possible. The laws of the universe always follow the path of least resistance because the universe is intrinsically Harmonious within itself and being.
Now there is a state that is not in any form what so ever that transcends all opposites and yet from this stateless state comes all forms and with that comes all opposite and that is the formless state. Essence which is the nature of everything there is is formless. It is substance in its purest form and that form is formless. Out of this formless state is everything created or made. It is without limit, so it is also limitless. It has no beginning or end to it, so it is timeless and space less and yet it holds everything together. It is eternal and forever creating or extending itself through its creation.
It is the Power of all creation and the power in back of all creation. It is Nothingness and at the same time Everything. It is all there is and all there is, is everything. It is you in your Essence as it is everything else in its Essence.
Now this uncreated stuff that everything is made of is sentient meaning it knows Itself and it Knows Itself in everything it creates so that what it creates it also becomes. Because what it creates is an extension of what it is. There is no part of creation that It is not. There is an ancient axiom that says, ‘That that is, is and that that is not is not.’ In that statement is everything there is even that which is not. That that is, is always the eternal and that which supports the infinite. That which is not is a self negation of what is. One can say in time that there is that which is temporal, limited and always changing and that which is eternal. That is without time and is your true state of what being. This is what is being you and is supporting you is your essence of being and is what is eternal, Infinite and Limitless. Your true nature partakes of this substance of being this eternal nature of what is called Self or that which identifies you as what you really are.
No matter what comes out of or from this creative substance it will always reflect back to you and to Itself what it is that is being you.  There is in its essence a perfect state of harmony and balance. It is your nature to always be in this perfect state of harmony and balance even when it may appears that you are in a state of imbalance. In the greater Reality of what all things are you can never be in state that is contrary to what you really Are. You can create the appearance of being in a conflicted state, but that is an illusion, because you were not created out of chaos or a state divided against itself. You were created or extended from a movement of perfect harmony and synchronicity and you are in that state right now for all eternity.
There is another statement that is of value here that says, ‘So poised and so balance that none but Self can comprehend.’ This statement reveals a certain Truth that you are the Self that comprehends perfect poise and perfect balance because that is your true state of being. That is what the state of Supreme Balance is. In order to be in a perfect state of harmony one must realize that the Self that you really are but have forgotten is always conscious of being Itself. This state is Self Knowingness. The Creator is always contemplating Itself as Itself no matter what form the Creator is taking in order to contemplate  Itself as Itself so as to expand and multiply its contemplation.
The way for you to come back into the Realization of this true state of balance and equilibrium is to find all the states in your mind that exhibit imbalance and disharmony, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
It is true that this Supreme Balance is the natural state of being for all of us. It is also true for those who are not awake and as yet not conscious of this true state of bliss as their everyday normal state of being and that they have forgotten this state and need to remember again. This means that in your mind there is a memory or Knowledge of this reality that can again be claimed as yours. It is yours right now for the asking. The key to memory and the purpose of memory is to remember what is right now and what is right now is what you are in perfect innocence and love. You are in your divinity what is right now.
What one needs to do to once again claim one’s inheritance is Self Enquiry. This means in the final analysis to question everything one thinks and feels one knows that is to them or has been for them their reality and what has for you defined who you are.
One can say that this is a process of starting over from the beginning and to do that is to unlearn everything you have learned to define yourself. Now if you believe that your reality is limited and confined into one space that is separated from everyone and everything else then that is what you need to unlearn and to question from a sense that there is something else other then what you have defined as reality and as you a mortal living on earth as a body that is a thinking creature who is unable to control perfectly his or her life and believe that he or she is matter that will in time decay and die and that there is no  other purpose then to survive as long as one can.
I am saying that you are more than this body and what you call your mind. I am saying that you are more than your emotions and what you feel and react to everyday. I am saying that you are more then what you think and that there is an observer of you as you presently perceive yourself and that the thinker that you think you are is not your real self and the one that is observing you as the thinker is your real Self but because you in your mind have chosen to be other then what you are so that you could in your ignorance and self deception claim a independence from the Whole that you really are.
It is time and the opportunity is there for you to unroll or unravel this complexity of thinking you are something that you are not. One can call this complex a great big ball of wax and strings that you have decided to now unwind and this unwinding process is also you’re unlearning.
Meditation is a means to achieving this supreme state of mind by learning to become still and that means to stop thinking and be in one place where you can observe all of your thinking and feeling and actions without judgment but with compassion and neutrality so that you can cut through all of these complexities and layers of thought that have induced for you a false sense of realty and a false sense of who and what you really Are.
To cut through this miasma of mental states or trance states of mind for me has been to question everything in my mind and even those ideas and thoughts that reflect this deeper state of mind and being by going beyond the words and the thoughts to a place where there is perfect stillness meaning no thought of my own, but a place of emptiness and in that emptiness I experience what my true nature is. It is important to go beyond the concepts so one can experience what these concepts are and whether they are true or false. The way one can know if a thing is true or false is how does one feel when one is taking on that concept. It like trying on a suit of clothes, how does it feel, does it feel good and is this something that you want to wear then it is probably good.
I have discovered for myself in asking for guidance is to let go of everything think I know or that is going on in my mind and be quiet and listen for the Truth or whatever the Answer that come into my mind. I know it is the answer because I can recognize the truth in it and I can feel the truth. What I mean by that is there is peace, love and joy coming for that answer and if it feels like it is coming from a state of fear, then I know that is not the answer and to ask again what is the answer what is the truth what is the perspective I need in order to see this thing or person in the right light or perfect light and what am I using to block the light from coming in and giving me perfect vision and where I can be the highest witness to this event or encounter.
Question all of your I’s and I ams. Where is this I state coming from? Is it coming from fear and insecurity? Is it a reflection of a false sense of whom and what you really are? Is the I am a statement a statement of your true Identity There is a statement of Truth that says, I am that I am  or I am that which I am either way it is a state of truth of what you the I am really is being the one that can say absolutely from a true place of experience and recognition or re-knowing again that you the Self that you Are is recognizing the same SELF that is being you and is you all the time even when you are thinking that you are not the Self that you Are. This statement of the I am that I am is an acknowledgement or a recognition of who and what you really are. It is a witnessing to one’s true nature.
Now the way to recognize ones true nature is to also recognize what  you are not and by saying to the self that you are not , “I am not this or that and to the Self that you truly are I am this, then one can come to complete recognition of who and what you are. This process is an empting of the mind of all false concept and thoughts so that the mind can be renewed or transformed into another state of mind that is reflective of your true nature.
One cannot really see the true self unless on can step out of the self and be the observer as if one is looking through a mirror that is perfectly clean and has no spots on it to mar one’s vision. The way that is done is through the mind because the mind like a prism can reflect one’s true nature not only to one’s self but to the world one lives in and through, because the world that you see is a manifestation of what you think and believe to be reality. The world is not a cause but is and effect that is projected outward as being something separate from oneself and not a part of what you really Are. In truth It is all you in one form or another. To experience what is called Essence Mind or the Absolute is to experience your Self in your totality and in this totality of experience one realizes oneness, oneness with everyone and everything as if that ones with everyone and everything is really You and It is You.
There is a synergy or what might be called an energy field that is synergetic meaning connected with everything that is in the field at one time and at all times that one can communicate with any part of this field or force at any time and that whatever one is putting into this field of energy all that is in this field is affected in some way based on their receptivity to the energy and their own projections that they are transmitting. What you transmit is what you receive. Here is another interesting thought that what you are transmitting you are receiving at the same time. If you only transmit thoughts of illness and you are not open to any thoughts of healing then your experience in the field will be one of disharmony and imbalance with what you have stored as your core values and beliefs and what the outer world reflects back to you. What you sow is what you reap and it is always in proportion and degree. If you are transmitting in your thoughts, words and actions tranquility, peace, or any other harmonious state then that will be what you received to the degree that you are giving out.
We are here to transcend together as one whole being limitation of any kind because this is the realm where we have created our limitations and these limitations are indeed in conflict with our true state of mind and with our true Reality. We are here to transcend all self imposed limitations by realizing our limitlessness and becoming limitless right here in this world that we are experiencing every day. Practicing the Presence of God is really becoming limitless in thought word and action. That is the Way to be in the world. This is the way to live in the world, but not be of the world.
By becoming limitless we also become congruent and consistent in what we as a future being are creating for a future experience in the Now the world of our new experience of reality. Congruency is what Supreme Balance is. Congruence is consistency in thought word and action. It is Honesty and it is our thoughts, words and actions do not contradict or are in conflict with each other. The inner reality and the outer reality are the same as one Reality and that the inner and the outer are in perfect harmony and balance with each other.
Another way to look at balance as a way to achieve harmony and with harmony comes abundance is the way that we use energy as money. In order to have the abundance financially there needs to be a cash flow meaning what is coming in is also going out and what is going out will always come back as more in a limited amount or unlimited amount, more meaning that abundance is always greater than the sum of its parts. It will multiply, it will always be more then what was received if it is given freely and without limitations. The statement, ‘giving is receiving’ is a good metaphor in financial dealings and is the basis of cash flow. If there is no cash flow then the energy becomes stagnant and there is no growth and no expansion of goods and eventually one will lose what one has accumulated. There is always a time to give and there is a time to receive. The gift must keep on giving. That is the law of creation to expand and multiply and from where do we expand and multiply from our abundance. There is always an infinite supply of energy no matter the form the energy we are using at the moment. There is an infinite supply of it always. Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed in form and that form can be based on limitation or unlimitedness. The same energy that is here now has always been here and will always be here now and forever more. The reason it appears to some that there in not enough is because of the belief system that they support the belief in scarcity and lack and that is all it really is is a belief system and not a fact of Reality.
Everything in creation has a movement and that movement is part of a greater Harmony or movement and this movement is what we call life. Life is the force of everything and this life is also love. Just like the particle being the substance and the movement being the wave. It is all one thing and when this movement or wave becomes aware of itself as the Whole of this Movement then that wave is not longer limited and becomes free. When this movement of Energy or Spirit is   observable or is tangible we call it Light which is the visible manifestation of what we call love.
You are what you desire to become. You are what you are seeking. You are the journey and the destination. It is all you and you are the one you seek. That which we have given the name God or the Absolute is what you are in your totality of being. In Reality there is no such thing as duality. Reality is singular, it is one and you are the Limitless Light, Life and the Love of this limitless Reality that was created for you to create in and with not in some distant time and place but right now. You are what you are and will always be infinite Love, infinite Intelligence and infinite power to create whatever you want to create right here and right now.  May your creations be only that which is the Holy, Loving, Beautiful and True, not because that is a good idea but because that is what you are.