Tuesday, June 29, 2010



To achieve balance both in the inner and outer world is to have what is called congruency meaning a harmony between what one experiences in the outer world of effects and the inner world of causes or what my Teacher as referred to as our core values.
It is one thing to postulate having a belief in the highest or best self one can be and another thing not to practice those principle that reflect that higher image in the world. If there is an in congruency then your best ideas or highest aspiration will be found wanting or short of realization. There needs to be a checks and balances to that which appears and that one holds dear in thought word and action. This means your manner of living does not belie your truth.
To achieve this supreme balance is to live an exemplary life and an impeccable livingness. This is where one can set the highest example on the path of true liberation and reach the experience or permanence in perfecting oneself in perfect harmony with the world. Remember the world you see is a reflection of you both in the lowest and highest order of your being.
Those who in history that have shown to us this example of living have been called extra ordinary beings and with a light that always shown through into their outer world of experience to the point that it was felt by everyone as a virtue or a quality that was exemplary to everyone who knew him or her. There world to them was one without conflict or inconsistency in thought word or deed. We have called them masters, enlightened beings or highly evolved souls incarnate.
The thing to remember and that we can learn from all of these ascended beings is that they practiced congruency in every moment. They had arrived at that place where they now are completely honest with themselves in every way, shape and form. This came from practice, practicing the principles that they held dearly that was passed onto them by a lineage of other masters of that time who also lived by the same example. If they taught honesty then they lived supreme honesty and that there was no flaw or contradiction in their words and actions. They held themselves in check to a higher standard of living and accountable for any thoughts words or actions that they set into motion on the wheel of Life. “Live by example” was their motto. “Be true to thine own self” is another standard of living that they all modeled. This means not to be false to one ’s self and lie by saying to yourself one thing and being another. As we say now in this so called modern world “walk the talk and not just talk the walk.”
It is good first to establish in your mind first a set of values or principle that you are willing to live by. This of course would be the highest principles one could invoke in one’s daily living. If you do not have a set of principles that would give expression to your Highest Self or best Self you can be then look to those with complete devotion that to you have expressed in their lives this model of living that you yourself would want to emulate or imitate in your own experience of living.
You already have one within you which is your highest Self called by many names but is in truth already your authentic Self. You also have with you at all times that you signed on with your inner spiritual teacher who knows your personality and your soul purpose for being here and what you came here to attain or master all the way up to supreme Enlightenment and Liberation and knows how to and the means to achieving this perfect balance in the world.
When you have come to conceive or conceptualize these higher principles and can see the example of others who have followed this way then you can keep a mental or written sheet of checks and balances, credits and debits as a way of keeping track of your progress in mastering your own mind or thinking.
Any time you find your thought processes, self talk or your actions falling short of these higher principle you can observe then with discrimination and not fault or guilt but with willingness and determination to choose differently the choices you already made in the past, choices that you now want to make that are congruent with your core values and beliefs that you now want to set down on the stage of your life drama.
As you become more and more skillful or adept at changing your mind in thought word and action one will find an ease in manifesting what you truly desire to experience and these principles to live by that in your inner world are just theory now become fact and manner of experience.
Like anything this takes daily practice to develop this sort of mind training but with true diligence, willingness, patience, honesty, introspection and of course compassion not only for others but for one’s self in realizing the venture one has chosen to take on not only for personal accomplishment in the world but for all other beings. One realizes that in order to attain this perfect state of mind, it also involves the liberation of all other minds, because everyone is a piece or a part of you.
Learning the practice of meditation and achieving these states of mental peace and the experience of transparency and clarity of vision is truly wonderful and to experience the Light of the world is awesome but without letting that light shine out from you without any thing to block it, one has not truly realize Illumination and you whole body is not full of light. What is the darkness that you see within your own mind or with you are the blocks to that light and this is the in congruency of your own mental state?  How can one really see ones true nature not only within you, but within everyone else and in everything? The Light of the world is what will bring vision, but as the Master has said we must let out light shine if we are to be who and what we really ARE.
Practicing the Presence of God is living to one’s highest conception of Divinity and holding one’s self to the highest standard of living that you can muster within you and in your highest mind. If through your meditation practice not just in your room or private domain, but also in the world so that you are living fully conscious in every aspect of your being without opposition or strife of any kind one can then live the life one can truly enjoy not only for self but for all others.
From the Heart of Hearts I wish you Joy!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Meditation is a form of concentration. Meditation can be said to be the absence of effort or struggle. It is a focus on the thing itself and allowing or letting in what the thing is. It does not matter what the thing is, it can be an material object something in the outer world of your experience such as a flower, a thing of beauty or a thing that appears less then beautiful such as what would be called ugly not necessarily a person but a thing that appear out of harmony with the rest of the landscape.
One example is something you fear like an insect or something that would appear dangerous or it may be something you are curious about or investigating. What may be important here is to ask yourself what is real and what is not real about this thing and what can I  can learn from this thing that is different from what you already think you know such as your pre-conceived assumptions of what you think  you are seeing, because what you think you are seeing is only your projections in time and space and it is by concentrating on the thing without any effort, meaning any thought of your own about the thing but just being with it as it appears and not wanting to change it or make it into something else but asking or letting in the experience of what the thing truly is meaning its true nature and with that one needs to let go of any meanings one has applied to the object of one’s attention.
Meditation can be said is a way of cutting through one’s mind and piercing the veil of illusion that is appearing on the screen of mind. The illusion is the pre-conceived ideas or beliefs about something that is really your own projection. The truth about a thing is being able to see with new or innocent eyes the true nature of its reality.  Focusing your attention on anything with one’s mind is really no different on placing your attention on anything else. In the final analysis to be able to see anything with the Gods eye is to see oneness and the experience of the truth of what a thing is be it a person, place or thing.
At first it appears easier to take a softer way such as only focusing the mind on things that are beautiful to you already or qualities that express what you really want to embody and that is okay in the beginning, but remember what you think is beautiful or what appears beautiful to you will still have your own projections and filters to see it through such as guilt that you do not appear as beautiful as the thing that you are admiring or the fear that the beauty will not last and be destroyed. The old saying still applies “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” The thing in themselves as what you perceive is really neutral and has no quality of its own that is generated and in and of itself is really empty and what fills it and gives it meaning is a quality of Essence and when you let in this Essence or substance of what mind really is this spirit of a thing then you can see the quality of everything which is simply Love.
When we can pierce the veil of ignorance and see into the nature of reality one sees emptiness meaning that nothing of itself has any identity separate from the Whole of what everything is.  It is in that emptiness of mind that one can experience the fullness of Spirit or the essence of what everything really is regardless of what that thing appears to be externally. Everything is an aspect or an attribute of your beingness and what your truly ARE.
A good practice that I am using that helps one cut through the ignorance’s and the not knowing mind is focusing on the breath your breath. It is wise to do this with your eyes close so that you can bring all of your concentration within because that is where everything starts in your mind and everything your see is really a projection in your mind and the screen is your version of what you perceive as reality the outer world.
As you concentrate on the movement of your breath letting it in and letting it out just notice it and allow it to be. The idea here is not to exert any effort of your own or on your part other than just concentrating bringing your attention to one point, in this case your breath both the in breath and the out breath and also the turning of your breath which is the middle of your breath or the space between your breath.
By concentrating on the movement of your breath, if there is any thoughts that come to your mind or your find your attention adrift then when  you first notice it and become of aware that you are not concentrating on your breath,  very gently notice whatever it is that has brought your attention elsewhere and again refocus on your breath. Look at the whole experience both the time that you are able to concentrate on your breath and when it appears you are unable as one thing, as a process of cutting through layers of thought the surface ones at first and then as you move through your mind deeper levels of thought.
Do not give one thought more importance then another or one thing more importance then another. This called the practice of dispassion and through it one can learn what effortlessness is as a state of mind or being. When you are no longer exerting any effort on your own you are able to come to rest within your own being and mind you become still or one point the still point of your mind.
You will discover that you of your self can do nothing that you are a part of everything and so the action does not really come from you but through you and in you the action becomes for you the movement of life and that you are a part of just as much as anything else is. It will become for you an experience of harmony as the flow of your being. It is peace to your mind that your mind becomes still amidst all your thoughts. What I mean is that your mind is no longer agitated but is flowing in perfect harmony with everything else. There no disharmonious thoughts of any kind and so your perception of everything is also in harmony. It is a feeling of Wholeness with everything else an oneness in being.
One example is experiencing yourself as the eye of a storm. The eye of the storm is perfect calm and when you practice being still your will too experience this calm and with this calm comes clarity or clear perception of everything. With this clear perception come the eyes of Innocence. This is a state of being non-judgmental and you are seeing everything empty of any judgment of any kind. Here is where you are only asking, what is the truth about what I am seeing or hearing or feeling? Are my senses giving me a true report of what a thing is or am I seeing through the filter of my own separated sense of mind?
One must approach this exercise with the sense of I do not know what a thing is. I do not know what is going on and what I am going to experience from this commitment to be still. The key is to still the mind by not giving it any attention of your own then you are not stirring any waves and allowing the mind to return to perfect  calmness and you will know this by how your body is feeling complete relaxation and how you are feeling in that moment.
You can think of your breath as a cutting instrument that is through your attention cutting through all of your thoughts until it reaches a deeper state of mind where one may experience thought but not your own in the sense what you made up and represents in your mind and way of thinking the ordinary or everyday thinking.
What you may call your everyday thinking or your surface thoughts are not original and come from your past experience and what you think you already know about a thing. It is when you reach these deeper levels or dimensions of mind one can experience original thought or SELF Knowingness that also is referred to as the intuitive mind or the Super Conscious states of mind such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and other super states of consciousness.
Learning to dive below the surface of the mind into the deeper areas where one experiences stillness and quietness, gives one clarity and a sense of deep supportiveness and security that the outer mind is unable to give but seeks to know and embody. 
This practice will work but it takes commitment to the process and allowing the process to work and that means giving it the time it needs to mature and to eventually come to a point of self mastery of all your thoughts that you do not let in any thought that you consciously do not want and can sort out from your mind the thoughts that give to you unlimited expression to who and what you divinely are. The mind is the workshop that will mold all of your experiences of life.
Meditation is a form of concentration which is the masculine use of mind and the meditation is the feminine use meaning as you concentrate on doing nothing or just relaxing without exerting any effort or will of your own and just allowing whatever is there to be there but not judging it and being open enough in your mind for what is there to unfold its true nature and state of being.
Concentrating on your breath and not thinking of anything helps you to consciously be in the moment in the here and now. It is in that moment of present experience one can experience what true Reality is and I can tell you that it is always going to be more then you could ever imagine or think. It is beyond any words you can use to describe. It will always be a positive experience of a greater love where you feel safe and secure and supportive and where at that moment where everything is and the Answer becomes the reality and the question becomes non-existent because you are now Knowing everything as it truly is and in that Knowingness one experiences the true oneness of Life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Enough is Enough

"Enough is Enough"
The moment for humanity's awakening is fast approaching, even though you may not be sensing it.  And when it arrives you will awaken with delight into the magnificent brilliance of Reality.  The illusion is crumbling; its days are numbered; and as it collapses around you, you will gasp at the beauty of the true reality it has kept hidden from you.
The awakening of humanity is to be a stupendous event for all, as the veils fall from in front of your eyes and you finally see before you that for which you have been hoping and praying for so long.  While you have been occupying human bodies lost in the illusion, you have also been doing much work on inner levels to prepare yourselves to address the issues that lie buried and unresolved beneath your conscious awareness, to understand them, and to release them.
For most of you, they have been very heavy burdens, generating emotional pain and suffering whose cause you could not identify, often leading to severe illness or physical accidents.  When you address and release these issues - which, broadly speaking, relate to your sense of separation and abandonment - you will be quite overcome with the sense of lightness and buoyancy you experience.  Some of you already get a faint awareness of this when you meditate.
So, during these remaining times in the illusion, confirm your intention to address and release the residue of your unacknowledged and unresolved issues when you pray and meditate.  You will find that by doing so your physical energy will increase and you will tire less easily; also, the behavior of others, which you would normally judge as offensive or unacceptable, will seem less unsettling or threatening.
You truly are well established on your journey out of your insane, illusory dream state towards your awakened state of full consciousness.  You are all beginning to say " Enough is enough" with regard to the turmoil, confusion, and suffering that surrounds and in some cases envelops you.  And you are right: it is most definitely time to move forward towards the divine Light of Reality that is continuously beckoning you Homewards.
Disillusion with the illusion was bound to happen, and now that it has, your desire and fear-driven intent to seek security there has passed the deepest point of despair to which it could lead you, so that you are now turned around and heading out.
It is a time to rejoice because to recognize the illusion for what it is - an imaginary place of desperate and endless suffering - as you have done, is a most august achievement.  The journey to the turning-point was winding, laborious, and mainly uphill, whereas the return journey is direct and mainly downhill with the ever increasing brightness of your destination's holy Light to guide you safely Home.  Your long and arduous journey is almost completed, and untold joy awaits you when you arrive Home - as you most certainly will.
What you experience when you arrive will so delight you that every last trace of the suffering that you have endured will be swept from your memories.  You will be left with only the infinite eternal happiness that our ever-loving Father has prepared for you, as you once more experience the wonder of your unity with Him.
With so very much love, Saul.

Friday, June 25, 2010

HIgher Frequencies

This is my 12th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications from off-planet beings and other non-humans. It is with great pleasure that I welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian.
Greetings: Today I wish to speak of the final thrust for Earth and her human inhabitants to arise from the current paradigm. We are asking the humans of this planet to cooperate so that your space brothers and sister may be of maximum assistance in this effort.
Those of us on the many spacecraft that circle your sphere see the final days of the current regime underway. We see the turmoil within the financial and government structures as they grasp to maintain their historic roles of dominance. We see the media as it attempts to convince all that “things are normal.” We observe religions telling their believers that merely having faith will save them. We observe the cruelty of the one human against another as those who have power strive to maintain it.
Now we ask those among you who see things as we do to show your colors, to declare that there is no more “normal.” We seek cooperation from those on the planet’s surface. We need your help to break the chains, to loosen the gates, and to dismantle the walls of tyranny that has enslaved you all.
It is not enough that you wish for us to come and save you. That we cannot do, for it would merely set the stage for another enslavement. Seeing us as saviors you need do nothing. We will not play that game.
Now is the time for you to do. But what can I do you ask? Let me give you some examples of what ordinary people can do to show that they wish to be free of domination:
• Meditate
• Write a poem
• Write a book
• Get out; interact with your fellow citizens
• Set an example of right living
• Help someone who has a disease
• Love your family members
• Love those whom you do not particularly like
• Care for Earth
• Stand up for something
• Demonstrate for something
• Speak out for something
• Spend your money in the right way
• Reach out to someone who is troubled
• Reach out to someone who is hungry
• Reach out to someone who is angry
• Give work to someone in need of a job
• Do radio interviews
• Start a new enterprise
• Recycle your waste
• Assist a neighbor
• Show your light to all
• Live at your highest
• Be as healthy as you can be
• Eat right
• Take in a stray dog or cat
• Talk to wild animals so that they know they need not fear you
• Gently lift a spider from your home
• Greet all with a smile
• Arrange your affairs so that you can focus on things of a higher frequency
• Turn off your TV
• Engage in worthwhile conversation
• Truly discover who your neighbors are
• Assist Earth to cover blighted areas
• Write your elected representatives with your ideas
• Take time to smell the flowers
• Take time to observe nature
• Take a hike in the forest
• Talk a walk on the beach
• Take the hand of a child who needs comforting
• Give to the beggar on the street corner
• Take time to talk with those around you
• Pay attention to the larger picture, not what the media is feeding you
• Help others see that change is upon everyone
• Love your children; listen to them
• Love your mate; listen to him or her
• Rearrange your life so that you can spend more time doing what is important
• Plant a flower
• Plant a tree
• Plant a garden
• Laugh
• Show joy at being part of the transformation of this planet
• Observe the antics of the darkness, but do not give them power
• Recognize goodness in others
• Point out that everyone has a spark of the divine within him or her
• Comfort those who are dying
• Send energy to those who are sick
• Let your light shine for all to see
• Do something, don’t just sit back, and wait.
You are a powerful soul. Show that you know who you are in many little ways. Now is the time to it, by doing so you will speed-up the process of transformation. By so doing you will raise your vibration. By doing so you will help create the 4th dimension on this planet. The time to choose is now; you cannot wait. Join with us who have traveled so for to be with you. You are the light of the planet; show it.
The relationship between different dimensions, or as you call them frequencies, is not well understood by people in the lower densities. That is not an unexpected situation. For those of us who exist at the higher frequencies it is quite easy to see those of you living in a lower density, although we may not understand all of the ramifications of existence in that density. It is particularly hard for those of us who have not occupied a human body on planet Earth to completely understand the challenges of living in your situation. We can observe, but observing is far removed for actually experiencing.
For those of you who currently reside in 3rd dimension, it is near impossible to understand what it is to function at a lighter density. Some people, by no means a majority, believe that they understand what it is like to function at a higher density; many believe that they are already functioning in that way.
I can say from my own personal experience as a being of the lighter densities that you do not, nor can you completely comprehend what it is to function at the lighter densities until you have done it. Thus the concept of standing with one foot in the lower densities and one foot in the higher is somewhat of a stretch of the imagination. True some of you are able to experience telepathy, are able to create things and situations on demand, are able to experience the now, but you are soon drawn back into the experiencing the prevailing density that surrounds you.
The current Earth density is such that it holds you in many ways: through attachments to the things of everyday living, through the web of deceit and power structures designed by the dark energies, and through simple lack of clarity that living in a slower density imposes on you. While you may attempt to live “at your highest,” you can only approach truly living at that higher density.
Thus you must undergo a transformation process. This transformation process is now happening to all on the planet. Your vibrations are being raised up by the extraordinary energies being supplied to you by Earth, by your space brothers and sisters, and by vast numbers of celestials. These energies will eventually elevate anyone who so wishes to a lighter density, however such elevation must be in conjunction with your free will decision. If these new energies frighten you so that you resist them, they will bounce off of you and you will remain comfortably in a 3rd dimensional existence. If however you open yourself to the new energies they will lift your soul, and your physical body to a higher level. So I say to you, if you would ascend to the lighter densities, open yourself to the energies, allow yourself to resonate with the light. Each of you has the capacity to move from the current paradigm to lighter densities; you need only open yourself to the experience.
Now we come to the question of the Caretakers. The Earth requests that a number of her current residents remain with her to create a new human civilization. These we are calling the “Caretakers of the new Earth.” Some of you who are reading this message know this to be true for you. Earth will soon be comfortably functioning in a lighter density. Those who can resonate in this lighter density can then create a new civilization based on 4th density functioning. In reality it is a return to the way in which Earth was before the she was plunged into the depths of darkness under the grip of the invading dark energy. Earth is returning to a pristine globe; her Caretakers will accompany her.
Those who are not to be Caretakers have one of two paths: 1. Remain in 3rd density and be transported to a place where you can continue that journey. 2. Ascend to the lighter densities beyond that of the new Earth, become one of us without physical density, and continue your universe journey in that way. Either choice is acceptable; in the long term we will all meet again, and will all reunite with the God of this universe in a magnificent celebration. In the meantime we may each take various paths to find our way, to experience what our soul desires, and, most importantly, to live and love in Oneness with all.
Look at your attachments. To what in 3rd dimensional living are you attached?
• Money
• Books
• Movies
• Television
• News
• Stock market
• Sex
• Drama
• Time
• Doctors
• Psychologists
• Alcohol
• Drugs – prescription and illegal
• Physical fitness
• Convenience
• Disposables
• Guns
• Hunting
• Fishing
• Sailing
• Boating
• Debt
• Caffeine
• Snowmobiling
• 4-wheeling
• Water skiing
• Snow skiing
• Camping
• Tanning
• A beautiful body
• A handsome physique
• Credit cards
• Food delicacies
• Wine
• Sugar
• Artificial sweeteners
• RVing
• Physical stimulation
• Gossiping
• Adult toys
• Gambling
• Card playing
• Novels
• Landscaping
• Collecting art, etc.
• Jewelry
• Clothes
• Music
• Astrology
• Religion
• Computers
• Internet
• Social networking
• Email
• Cell phones
• Motorcycles
• Fast cars
• Newspapers
• Travel
• A luxurious house
None of the above is bad unto itself; it is the attachment to them that is not in your highest interests. We understand that you must rely on things of the 3rd dimension for your basic lifestyle. No one who is living in the 3rd dimension can completely do away with everything, some things are necessary for living, and some are not.
Addiction is a different story; here the attachment is overwhelming the individual. Withdrawal symptoms accompany detachment. Anyone so afflicted should seek professional assistance and/or a support group such as alcoholics anonymous. Do it now before the rigors of the transition overwhelm you and all about you.
What I am addressing here are your attachments. To what are you clinging? What has become a part of your daily lives that is unnecessary, assuming that your objective is to ascend to the higher frequencies? Look around the room in which you are sitting, what is unnecessary?
Many of the things you take for granted as part of 3rd dimensional living are means of enslaving you, means of control, and means of attaching you so closely to the 3rd dimension that you are unable to see the larger picture. Look at where you are spending your time and money. Are you collecting stuff, or are you simply living with a desire to be at one with all.
Are you making the best use of your limited experience in this schoolhouse world? Are you learning what you came here to learn? Are you learning to make good decisions? Are you learning to love? What is your connection to God? Do you understand what living in Oneness is all about?
Earth is a marvelous teaching situation. Here you can learn what it is that you do not want. Here you can overcome addictions, attachments, and desires. Here you can strive for what is noble, uplifting, and in the best interests of all.
Are you making the best use of your time on this planet, of your experience in this lifetime? Look to the larger picture. Where do you fit into it? Are your attachments serving you, or are they holding you back from attaining all that you might experience, all that you might love? Are you leading a healthy lifestyle, independent of 3rd dimension structures?
Know that religion, media, corporations, government, the monetary system, and the medical system will be going away. If you are dependent, how will you live without them? Most will not be replaced; the new Earth will require fewer structures. For those that are to be replaced it will not happen quickly – it takes time to regenerate new structures, particularly if they are of a new type. How will you live without familiar structures, structures that give rise to your attachments?
Now that you have assessed where you stand relative to your current existence, let me return to the subject of moving to a higher vibration. It is going to be somewhat easier as Earth is moving all aspects of herself to a higher frequency. All of nature that surrounds you will be ascending to a higher vibration; this will aid you enormously on your quest to achieve a higher vibration, so go with the flow. Do not fight against those energies that are washing over you. We who are assisting Earth’s transition are supplying energies, all of which are assisting you to move forward to higher frequencies.
Those of you who wish to get ahead of this curve — to ride the first waves of the new frequencies — may begin your process of transition by several techniques. First among these is to adopt a quiet meditative approach to all about you. This will open you to receive the higher frequencies. Find ways to spend quiet time, whether in nature or in the solitude of your own home, but find the opportunity to do so! Spend part of each day in quiet contemplation of the new Earth, in quietly allowing your body to resonate with the new frequencies. Allow your body to open itself to the new in any way you can. A massage is a good way to open your self. Soaking in a hot springs or hot tub is another. Open your self to the new higher frequencies.
Some of your earthly brothers and sisters have been given techniques for accelerating your movement into the higher frequencies; seek them out. Those of us who walk among you in human bodies — there are many of us now you know — also have techniques to assist your transition to the higher realms. Seek us out and ask for our assistance.
Just because you do not have specific training to move to the higher frequencies does not mean that you will be unable to do so. Everyone who desires to accompany Earth to the higher way of being will come along. There will be difficulties along the way as your body and its surrounding environment all change. You will have trouble assimilating to new ways of being, but no one who truly desires to ascend with Earth will be left behind. So set your intention to achieve this wondrous new way of being and come to our level of functioning. It is quite beautiful and loving here. We will welcome you each and everyone.
Thank you Bren-Ton. I see this message as very timely in light of the many changes we are experiencing.
In Truth, Love and Joy,
Rev. Mark Kimmel

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Way of the Heart Mastery and Transformation Lesson 16

Now, we begin.

1           And once again, greetings unto you, beloved and holy friends. 2. As always, it is a joy to come forth and abide with you in this manner. 3. And we have come forth this day to communicate through this, our beloved brother, as we continue with you in the Way of Transformation.

2          Within the word, itself, there is great wisdom. 2. Transformation requires that there be that which abides in form. 3. And you are that. 4. You are Spirit. 5. You are that which has come forth as a ray of Light from the Mind of God, as a sunbeam to the sun. 6. And in that formless beginning, you are consciousness, Itself. 7. You are Intelligence, Itself. 8. You are bliss; you are radiance; you are compassion. 9. You are the potential for endless creativity.

3          You are God Itself. 2. Now, that is the first time that we've been quite so bold . . . as we have sought gently, over the years . . . for many of you that have been around that long, been willing to stay the course. 3. It is the first time that we have described you as Spirit, as that which is God. 4. This can only mean that what you are in your essence, in your essential being, is God Himself.

4          The very first level of Creation, then, is when That which we call God, or Abba, first began the indescribable, the unexplainable mystery of birthing Himself forth, out of the eternal matrix of his Being. 2. That first level of Creation was Pure Spirit - a subtle, subtle movement in which a gentle Sunbeam begins to emerge from the Sun, or a ray of Light soundlessly begins to emanate from Light Itself. 3. In Pure Spirit, you are unbounded; you are without form. 4. But you are not without Consciousness. 5. You're not without Self-awareness. 6. In Spirit, there is only Self - not self and other, not self apart from form, but simply Self - radiant, shimmering, unbounded - alone, yet not lonely. 7. Rather, filled with Self, filled with God, filled with Love.

5          This first level of Creation never changes. 2. It is as God, Itself. 3. For the Sunbeam is as the Sun; the Ray of Light as the Light. 4. A momentum, though, has begun - a momentum extending from the Pure Potentiality of All That God Is. 5. For Love seeks only to extend Itself.
6. Extension is an activity, it is a movement. 7. And for there to be extension, there must necessarily have then been created what you call space. 8. But even at this level of Creation, there space of which we speak is not quite what you would perceive in your mind, as you think of that which contains the planets whirling around your sun.

6          Rather, it was more like a, let us say, a mathematical concept. 2. It was the idea of space, in which extension could occur. 3. There were not yet planets and suns. 4. There was not yet a single atom or molecule of what you call matter. 5. There was Pure Thought, Pure Love, Pure Being, beginning to entertain (and I emphasize that word for a certain reason), to entertain the idea of pure space, pure extension - unlimited, unbounded, forever. 6. There was Pure Spirit.
7. That is what You Are, now and forever. Spirit does not change.

7          There is, then, that which in you, right here and right now, even as you listen to these words, even as you perceive yourself as a body sitting in a chair or lying on the floor (preferably not driving an automobile) - right here and right now - beyond all that you see with your physical eyes, all that you are aware as and within the body, beyond the activity of the surface level of the mind which you are most familiar with, in which there is what is called the firing of the neurons in the brain, almost without ceasing, so that the mind seems to never be without images and thoughts . . . far beyond this planet, and yet right where this planet abides, far beyond this universe, and yet right where your universe abides, far beyond all dimensions, the infinite dimensions of Creation, yet right where those infinite dimensions exist: Spirit Is.

8          Here is found what I have often referred to as the "real world." 2. Here, peace abides eternally with perfect consistency and without interruption. 3. Here, the Living Reality is, which has been reflected in the sentence: I and My Father are One. 4. In other words, when Consciousness transcends Its perception of Itself as being only conditional existence - being only the forms of existence (the body-mind, the particular sense of self as separate from all other selves, the blade of grass, the cloud in the sky, the rock upon the ground), when Consciousness transcends this sense of Itself. 5. It abides not in a thinking relationship. 6. It doesn't observe Spirit as something else and then say, Oh, that's what I am. 7. Great. 8. Rather, there is a living sense in which consciousness as such, as the Self, rests in the Self and simply knows. 9. For only knowledge is immediate, and not mediated by any concept, form, or experience.

9          In such a moment, and it takes only a moment, there is immediate awakening to the Reality of the real world. 2. And in some form, then - and notice [I said in some form], as Consciousness then dances back in to the extension of Spirit, into the extension of Reality, into creativity, into Creation - in the human form it can say, I and My Father are One.
3. There are many such statements within the human family that have been uttered to express that awakening, that Reality.

10         And now, in this ceaseless movement from that which never moves, as the ray of Light emerges from Light Divine - unbounded, external, unobstructed - in the very desire to be creative, to extend creativity ceaselessly (and that is what Creation is), Spirit begins to condense or descend (these are both very spatial terms). 2. And, again, we are now using language that finds its source on your side of the fence; that is, on the side of the fence of phenomenal existence, not on the side of the fence of Spirit, where language is hardly required. 3. Spirit continues its dance, as the One Mind, God the Father, entertains the extension of Creation.
4. And Spirit begins to condense into something that has not yet ever occurred. 5. The thought, and again, we are still operating at a level of Pure Thought, Pure Potentiality - there is not yet the deep darkness of the space of your universe or of any dimension whatsoever - it begins to condense into a thought of individuation.

11         You have all seen, perhaps, in your commercials on your televisions, when the milk is poured into the glass in slow motion. 2. And as the milk hits the glass it begins to move back up the sides, as the cup begins to fill. 3. And at the last moment, when the carton is tilted back and the pouring has stopped, the motion that has been started creates the phenomenon of a circular drop of milk which arises and, for a very temporary moment, seems to become separated from the body of milk in the glass, itself. 4. It emerges and in a split second, you who are watching the screen, have the awareness of an individuated drop of milk that seems to exist completely independent of the body of milk, itself. 5. And then, in the next moment, it drops back into the body of milk itself, and you lose awareness of it as a separate thing, a separate drop of milk. 
6. But it was still milk. 7. From your place of perception, it merely looked as though it had separate existence.

12         Now, that is an analogy, of course, since the Soul is not made of milk (laughs). 2. But it does create a picture for you of what occurs when the body of Spirit continues in its entertainment of creativity, out of which that which emerges, which we have called Soul - the first subtle inception of the thought of individuation, of that which is an individuated expression of the fullness of Spirit, which is Light, which is God.

13         And why? 2. All for the joy of extending Creation, that That One might be aware of Itself in an endless variety of form. 3. And this is where it begins - the delight of Creation. 4. That is what You Are! 5. In Pure Soul there is still only Pure Potentiality. 6. There has not yet been what you would know as experience. 7. There is, however, the first subtle awareness of the One Self being aware of Itself.

14         As Soul continues the extension of Light, of Pure Creativity, it condenses. 2. It descends to the next level, if you will. 2. And, again, since we're using language from your side of the fence, there are not many other ways to speak of this. 3. The Soul descends or condenses, and begins to create a deeper awareness of Itself as an individuated thing. 4. Now, Its awareness of Itself as Spirit is taking on a new coloration, a new vibration. 5. It is becoming very close to what many of you have experienced in your own meditations and prayer, or the time you heard a child cry, or you walked through a forest at dawn - when your egoic mind was temporarily transcended, and you had a sense of your Oneness with God, and yet, still felt other than God - creature and Creator, Son and Father - united, yet somehow different.

15         Here is where the separation can be said to have occurred. 2. For it is here, in the first level of Pure Potentiality of this unique thought, that That which Intelligence Is, That which Love Is, That which Light Is (and I have referred to this, for instance, in A Course in Miracles, as Mind.  And Mind is not merely the prattling that goes on in the human brain, that you refer to as "thinking." Mind is much more vast than that!) -  it is here in the first level of subtle perception of the Self as an individuated matrix of awareness, that has awareness of Itself, and yet that Self, or God, is somehow something different than what the Soul perceives to be Itself . . . here is where the first, unique thought of separation is birthed, at this very subtle point . . . long before the planets of your universe arose, long before the multidimensionality of Creation came into being. 3. Here, you are. 4. Here, there is but One Soul, a unique expression of the One Spirit, Itself the unique expression of That One who eternally Is.

16         Here, creativity gives rise to the power of thought. 2. And it is from the Field of Thought, Pure Thought, that Creation will now begin to spring immediately into beginning, into being.
3. And here, at this subtle level, the drop of milk has seemingly separated Itself and now feels awareness of Itself as separate from the body of milk. 4. And for a moment, for just a moment, there is pure joy, because it's still the One doing it - out of entertainment, out of pure play, out of the sheer exuberance of extending Itself and Its infinite Power, ceaselessly and without limitation. 5. For you see, if God, Who becomes you, held the thought, Well, I certainly can't separate My Self from My Self, that would be a limitation.  6. And so, the One creates a drop of Itself, along with the perception that It perceives Itself as separate, from something which is now, for the first time, other. 7. Here is the germination, the seed planted, for egoic consciousness.
8. But that's still a little further along in the story.

17         As that first thought of separation is dreamt, a new energy is born. 2. That which has been pure joy, that which has been pure freedom, pure safety, now changes form slightly. 3. You could say a drop of milk within the drop of milk seems to separate and take on its own energy. 4. And that we have called fear. 5. Here is born not extension, but contraction, or the experience of contraction, as fear emerges in awareness. 6. And now the river begins to cascade very, very quickly – out of fear, out of the first inception of the thought, I AM ALONE, I AM SEPARATE FROM MY CREATOR. 7. And yet, remember, in reality, it’s the Creator perceiving the Creator, and creating the perception that God is separate from God.

18         With that thought, an explosion occurs - very like what your scientists have called the "Big Bang." 2. They don't know how close they are! 3. They merely need to make the shift to seeing that the “Big Bang” occurred in consciousness, Itself, not out of pure matter, whatever that was. 4. In the Big Bang of Consciousness: 4a. Suddenly imagine that drop of milk exploding in space, which comes into being with the thought of separation, and becoming an infinite array, or number of points - little droplets of milk, little droplets of Consciousness, little sparks of Divinity, little particles of Light.

19         To use yet another analogy from your realm of science, the wave of light has now become the particles of light.  2. When and why, who can say? 3. Only that One, who is doing the birthing of Itself, knows. 4. And you are That One.

20        As these particles of light are now spread (and, again, we have another spatial term), spread out through the infinite reaches of the Pure Potentiality of Spirit - which is Light, which is God - each particle possesses the exact same potential. 2. In fact, you could not, shall we say, find any difference between the points of Light, whatsoever - none. 3. If you were to measure them, they'd be the same size, although they have no size. 4. If you measured their frequency or vibration, they'd all be the same - identical points of Light that seem to have now taken existence in different points of space.

21         That is, there is the sense that while they are identical in quality and substance, there is a slight difference in the space that each one occupies, as though you took two identical pencils and put one on the left side of the table, and one on the right. 2. Still made of the same substance, but now, in the vast continuum of space, that which is identical is occupying two points of space, each with the perfect freedom mirroring the perfect freedom of the one God. 3. Infinite rays of Light, now mirroring and reflecting the perfection of the freedom of Pure Potentiality, which is the Light Itself - the Pure Potentiality to create. 4. Each one has within it the thought, the recognition, the perception, that is, of separation.

22        Fear has been birthed: 1a. I am alone. 1b. I am not that point of Light over there. 1c. I am just myself. 2. And as the energy of fear continues, the contraction, the condensation, the distension continues. 3. And now, what has burst forth, again, instantaneously (this is not yet requiring time), is the multitude, the infinite multidimensionality, which is Creation - except for one thing: 3a. The physical universe has not yet been birthed. 4. The physical universe requires the concept of time. 5. For only in time does the physical dimension exist.

23        And so, here is where you begin to discover what has been called in your language, from your side of the fence, the hierarchy of angelic beings, of angelic worlds. 2. Just points of Light, just like you, but not in the experience of time, nor in the condensation that you would call physical bodies - not even the lower astral bodies. 3. Still, multidimensionality of creativity is a radiant dance with just a tinge of a sense of separation, or "otherness," or fear.

24        In this multidimensionality, which is still pervaded and is as Light Itself, condensation continues. 2. And here your scientists begin to tap into it, so you can see how many steps removed they are! 3. But here Light begins to condense into the particle of matter. 4. And again, the explosion occurs, as the one, you could say the one basic atom - or Adam, hmm - explodes in the Big Bang. 5. And the multitude of bodies, of planetary bodies, including your central sun of your tiny little universe, is birthed.

25        And the physical universe, of which you know that you are a part as a human being, is vast beyond comprehension. 2. And yet, it is as a tiny speck of dust. 3. It is as a tiny speck of Light, floating seemingly freely - like a tiny drop of milk that seems to have separated itself from the body of milk - your physical universe seems to float freely and is unaware of the multidimensionality of radiant Light and Spirit and God in which it floats, out of which it has been given its very existence. 3. You are, therefore, not outside of Spirit. 4. You could say you are held lovingly - your whole physical dimension - in the center of Spirit.

26        As this condensation continues, what you call, or have been told to call "life" begins.
2. Conditions are set up, emerging from what - pure chance? - hardly . . . but out of the Pure Potentiality, the Power and the Perfect Intelligence to create - though now that creativity is expressing, more and more, itself out of fear, not out of pure joy. 3. It's like taking a note of a flute and muffling it slightly, so that it has a different quality. 4. Yet pure energy it still is. 5. For what can fear be but energy? . . .as Love is energy, as compassion is energy, as sadness is energy, as anger is energy.

27        Do you see? 2. Fear is just an energy, and nothing more. 3. In itself, it is perfectly neutral. 4. For all events are neutral. And fear, being merely a dance or a play of energy, itself, must be an entirely neutral event, until something arises to perceive and experience it differently. 5. And what is that? 6. To make a story which is not quite conducive to our needs, we’ll skip that and simply come to this: the first birth of egoic consciousness.

28        And here fear has condensed into its final form. 2. There can be not further condensation of the energy which has become fear, for egoic consciousness is fear-full consciousness. 3. The ego is fear. 4. And yet, it is made of Pure Power, Pure Potentiality, Unlimited Creativity. 5. And rest assured, you all have the experience of knowing just how ceaselessly creative egoic mind can be. 6. For without ceasing, it knows how to immediately look upon another brother or sister, upon an event upon the planet, it can look upon anything, and that fast, in the twinkling of an eye, in a space that doesn't even require a thought, egoic consciousness can change its values, can change its perceptions, to create what it wants to create.

29        And what it wants to create is that which continues its existence. 2. Much like in your physical body, when a cell becomes cancerous and decides to run amok, and act as though it were not dependent on the laws of the body itself, that keep the body healthy, it begins to do what? 3. It begins to create cells like unto itself. 4. Cancer is merely a misperception run amok at the level of the body - thinking for itself, creating in its own image, rather than extending the image, if you will, of the Creator, living out of harmony with the One Mind that creates in radiant joy, for no other reason than to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful. 5. And yet, God does not create limitation, does not withdraw creativity from the power of the ego. 6. Rather, because God is Love, all power under Heaven and Earth is available and can be tapped into by egoic consciousness.

30        So what is egoic consciousness? 2. You all know what it feels to be absolutely certain that you are separate and alone, that you must rely on your own thinking process, and that no one beyond - not just the boundary of your body or skin - but no one beyond your unique, contracted sense of "I" has any connection to you whatsoever, and no one cares.         3. (“I am alone. I am separate. How on earth am I going to make it? I've got to figure my own way. I've got to figure out how this world works. I've got to make it happen for myself!”)

31         Fear has taken its final form. 2. Now, there is a complete forgetting of God, of the One, of Spirit, even of Soul. 3. The body represents a level of vibration, still quite intelligent, still very intelligent. 4. It is like a matrix of energy, the very thought of condensation into human form, out of which forms keep getting created, keep getting created, keep getting created, keep getting created. 5. And you've done that for yourself an infinite number of times.

            35: 09
32        The body is the representation of the ego. 2. For notice that as you sit in your chair, you are quite certain you're not the wall across from you. 3. As you sit where you are in your  chair, your consciousness, your awareness, seems to tell you that you are the listener and not the speaker, that it wasn't you that sat into a chair and had Jeshua ben Joseph, and a certain lineage or vibration of consciousness, radiate thought down through the mind body matrix that used to be exclusively owned by someone named Jon Marc. Hmm. 4. You are not that one? 5. (“No, no, not me. I couldn't do that if I wanted to. That must make Jon Marc special. And certainly it makes Jeshua very special! For I am just this blob of dust, this separate mind-body, sitting in my chair, on the floor, on a couch, listening to tape, to a tape filled with words which vibrate with a certain meaning, and create certain pictures and understandings in my mind. But these are being  placed within me, and I am not that one.”)

33        That is egoic consciousness: (“I am not that one. I am not God. I am not pure Spirit.  I am not Pure Soul. I am this thing that sits in this chair, now.”) 2. And do you know something?
3. You're absolutely right - you are that! 3. That and so much more!

34        So the egoic mind is that which creates the separated perception that it is only one tiny thin slice of the pie. 2. It creates a delusion, a distortion, in Consciousness Itself, like a little blip on one of the radar screens - that creates just a little blip, that tells the one watching the screen that there is some thing there. 3. (“I am separate. I am alone. I cannot think with the Mind of God. I cannot experience Unity Consciousness. I cannot be as Jeshua is. No, not me. I, I'm too small and too weak. Oh, I just don't have it together yet. Maybe someday . . .”)

35        Yet all the while, you are that One. 2. And by the Power of that One, you have the potential to think the thought, (“I could never be like Jeshua is. I'm really too small, and too fragile, and too weak, and too stupid. Oh, the Christ Consciousness may be there for someone else, but not for me.”) 3. The whole while, that very thought must use the Power of the One. 4. For that Power is Life! 5. That Power is Pure Being! 6. That Power is the real world! 7. That Power is the only thing that exists - period! 8. By the Power of that One, you have dreamt the thought of the separate self. 9. and by the Power of that One, when you decide to, you will awaken from the thought of egoic consciousness.

36        Now, why is all of this important? 2. For beloved friends, The Way of Transformation requires that there be that which exists in form. 3. You exist in form. 4. You're sitting in a chair.
5. You know the space and volume of a human body. 6. You know the particular thoughts which you identify as your own. 7. You have a history to that body-mind that emerged, well, let's face it, as you experience the body-mind, it emerged from sexual desire between two beings called parents who got together.  8. And a little thing wiggled its way up to touch another thing, and there was a burst of Light, and a pure spark of Pure Soul made a decision from intentionality to become fixated or identified with, and as, a physical form.

37        So, having a good time on a Saturday night is the source of your being - as a bodily being. 2. And that's, of course, if you were lucky, where both parents consciously desired to use the body as a communication device for teaching only Love, and gave one unto another, and then accepted that little spark of Light that begins yet the birthing of another body, and clearly invited another Soul to come and abide with them, as teacher and friend, as           brother or sister.
3. Unfortunately, that is yet rare upon your planet.

38        That is the matrix into which you have descended, time and time again, as you have come to teach yourself that you are just a separate, lonely, failing, weak individual. 2. At the death of the body, you have found yourself as Soul, and been frightened by the radiance of your Light, because that Light is not the same as your interpretation that you had learned of yourself. 3. Fear causes condensation, contraction, falling if you will. 4. And what you fall into is a matrix of energy that best resonates with your own perception and belief about yourself. 5. Belief is not just thought. 6. It is a quality of vibration.

39        And you fall, yet again, into a field of energy into a dream, into a physical universe, into a time frame, into a family structure that resonates and vibrates with how you have learned to perceive yourself. 2. And all the while you are yet That One; radiant, perfectly free, using the very Power of God to create and believe in a dream of smallness, weakness, separation, loneliness.
3. Right now, as you listen to these very words, now, that's what you're doing. 4. You are choosing how you will think of yourself. 5. And how you think of yourself is reflected in the world that you see, in the experiences that are manifest within your own particular universe of consciousness.

40        If you knew that you were the Unlimited One, you would never fear the creation of the golden coins again. 2. You would never believe that you must live in lack. 3. But you are still, for the most part, clinging to the belief that you are that small little thought of separation called egoic mind, still struggling to find God, not recognizing that it is the very Power of God's presence from which you create the perception you hold of yourself.

41         So, there you are - sitting upon your chair, lying upon your floor, sitting upon your couch. 2. And you are That One. 3. You are in form, that is, you have created a perception of your self that includes the experience of being a body-mind, which, by the way, is separate from all other bodies. 4. It is separate from the rock. 5. Obviously, you can look out your window and tell that where the body is that you identify with, is in a different spatial point than every other object.
6. That's what this world is! 7. This universe is the attempt to create a reflection that convinces you that the first fearful thought of separation is the truth of who you are! 8. You are using, or have unwittingly been using, your physical universe to constantly reflect to you what must be the truth: that you are separate from all Creation.

42        This world is nothing but the reflection of that thought. 2. And yet, even here, That One pervades all things, and the realization of your Self as That One is closer to you than your own breath - simply a decision away. 3. Here, there is great richness not found in any other dimension, the richness of the dramas of separation, of seeking - seeking, seeking, seeking.
4. (“Well, I have read the Course in Miracles one time, and it didn't seem to work -I'll read it again. Well, maybe I'll go try this form of meditation. No, that didn't work. Maybe I'll try Buddhism. No, that didn't work. I'll try Christianity. No, that didn't work. I'll try drugs - that will do it!”) 5. The very energy of seeking is the egoic energy. 6. For only the ego can seek. 7. Pure Spirit can only extend. 8. And there is a huge difference!

43        Egoic consciousness, as you well know, plays itself out through the forms of special relationships. 2. You have a special relationship with your employer; you have a special relationship with your spouse, your lovers, your car, your boats, your automobiles. 3. And the world plays off your need for specialist. 4. (“Oh, look at this automobile. Mmm  . . .isn't this one sexy?! Oh, you're going to feel so-o-o  good!”) 5. So, you seek to create the means to possess that certain automobile. 6. (“Oh, if only I had that person as my spouse. Oh, let me seek that one by seducing that one. I'll act as though I'm other than my poor, paltry, lonely self, so that they think I am grand. I will ruffle up my peacock feathers.”) Hmm . . . interesting that we would use the word "pea-cock" to demonstrate the flowering forth of the great feathers that seduces the mate to come! hmm

44        And on it goes. 2. The world is the reflection of the belief in the need for special relationship. 3. And the search for that is the restlessness that you feel - that restlessness that you feel in the mind, that creates the waves of restlessness in the fluids and subtle energies, which are contained within and make up the illusion of the body. 4. The restlessness of the breath, the tightness of the muscles, the loneliness as you rest your head upon the pillow at night, for you believe that you are that body-mind, separate and alone, apart from all others.

45        And the infinite, eternal stream of communication that occurs throughout Creation, unobstructed, is lost to your awareness. 2. And yet, so close are you. 3. It requires only a thought to shift the momentum in a new direction, to rest your head upon the pillow and say, (“I am not just this body-mind.  I am That One, pure, unbounded and undefiled.  I am in communication with every rock and every tree and every time frame that has ever been.”) 4. And, yes, when you begin that thought, it will seem wholly insane, because you've been on the other side of the fence, looking at Reality from a certain perspective. 5. It fits like a glove upon the hand, but that does not make it right or true. 6. Insanity seem sane to those who are insane. 7. So that's just the way it is.

46        But the end of all seeking occurs when one dares to hold within the mind a different thought. 2. And you have heard it many times through this, my beloved brother, through many of my other channels, through A Course In Miracles: “Only Love is Real.” “You are not the body.” “I and my Father are One.” “I am awake and walk this planet as Christ.” “I choose Love over fear.”

47        What does that mean? 2. Love is Pure Spirit. 3. Fear is, contraction, density, false perception, egoic consciousness. 4. When you choose Love over fear, you must decide not to respond according to the momentum of egoic consciousness. 5. You must decide to live as though you are not the ego. 6. And in this way, what has been formed becomes transformed - that which pervades and extends beyond what has been formed: transformed.

48        The Way of Transformation, then, requires that you begin with the acceptance of what is true always. 2. And in this hour, we have sought to bring to you a story, an analogy, a description that can help, if you will sit with it, to imprint into your consciousness a remembrance of the very process that you have, in fact, felt and experienced as God, Itself, in Its desire to create, in His desire to create, in Her desire to create - put it any way you wish - the One becomes what you perceive as the many, yet remains always the One.

49        And that is what you are! 2. You are the song of the bird. 3. You are the radiance and warmth of the sun as it touches the skin. 4. You are the skin. 5. You are the awareness of that warmth. 6. You are the thinker of the thought. 7. You are the thought. 8. You are the deed. 9. You are the space from which all thought emerges. 10. You are the wind in the trees. 11. You are the vastness of space. 12. You are That One who is eternal. 13. You are the one bold enough to dream the dream of separation, without ever losing perfect unity. 14. And you are the One, the little drop of milk, experiencing the remembrance of the Divine, of the Real, of the True, of the One.

50        Your journey is not alone. 2. And even now, you are perfectly awake. 3. For only one who is awake could dare to create the great cleverness, and creativity, through which you, as a spark of God, become increasingly aware of your Self:  God diving into God; God discovering God!  
4. What a delightful, delightful play!

51         And here, then, we begin to let the secret out of the bag. 2. Separation was not because you sinned. 3. Separation was not because something terrible went wrong. 4. Separation was just  another form of the Dance of Creation, Itself, perhaps taken to the extremes. 5. For God seeks the limits of what is unlimited.

52        You've been playing a game of Hide and Seek. 2. You are the One with your eyes closed, leaning against the trunk of a tree, counting, while the fragments of your Self ran to hide. 3. And you are the One who has reached out to discover those fragments, and is in the process of doing that. 4. You are the One who has become the many, and then has waited to be discovered by that One. 5. You are the Soul waiting to be touched by Grace. 6. You are the separate One hiding in the darkness, trembling, and yet wanting Light to find you.

53        Why not begin now, in this moment, by sitting quietly as Christ, for five minutes? 2. And say to the One who is coming, now, from the trunk of the tree: (“I've done a very good job of hiding. But you know, I think it would be a great delight to be found. Find me, dear Father. Touch me with Your Grace. And because I am You, I will decide to receive it. And in that moment, I choose now to remember that I am the One who has both sought and found. I am the One who has remained perfectly unchanging          forever. And I am the One who has perceived my Self as having changed, as having sinned, as having separated my Self. I choose, now, to join the two parts of my Self together.  And I will be a body-mind upon this planet - dancing, and singing, and playing, and creating the good, the holy, and the beautiful.  And I will now open that part of my mind that can think in unlimited ways, that will dare to dream the impossible dream.  I am that One who lets God live in me now!  I and the Father are One!   I am the drop of milk again settling into the fullness of the glass in which my Father dwells as milk. And when I walk with this body upon this Earth, and I feel the mist of the fog upon my skin, I will say within myself, "Ah, yes, it is very good!"  For I am that One with the power to create this body, to create the mist of the fog, itself.  And the fog and the mist around me is as my Father's Presence in which my Soul reclines.  This world - no longer a burden.  This world of space and time - no longer something from which I must escape.  Not even sickness and disease is a limitation for me. For wherever I am, I Am the presence of Love. And this moment, I bring forth Love and bless the world I see.”)

54        And in this, God remembers God. 2. For beloved friends, The Way of Transformation must bring you, in the end, to the quiet recognition: There is only God. Why fear if Love is here? And there is only Lover or fear.

55        Peace, then, be unto you, beloved and holy friends. 2. "Friends" because you are a part of me, and I a part of you - particles of Light dancing in the wave of the One God, the One Mind, the One Truth, the Real World. 3. The joke has been on us! 4. And we played it upon ourselves well. 5. And now the time of rejoicing is at hand, as we arise in our individuation, recognizing our Oneness - to dance the Dance of Creation ceaselessly, extending only the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

Peace be unto the Only Begotten of God . . .God's Own.


56      Well hello, everyone. This is John Marc and I just felt like chatting  for awhile. Currently  in Harvard, Massachusetts at the home of Shanti Christo members Rex and Nancy  Shumer,  getting ready for a Friday night session of Jeshua here in Concord, and then a Saturday workshop here in their home. Just spent a few glorious days in New York City in Manhattan,  and its just a real blessing to gather with the 30 some people that came to the Saturday workshop there, sponsored by Interfaith Fellowship  John Mundey  and Diane  Burk.  And, uh, its just such a delight to join in an abiding spirit  and watch the tapestry get woven by which miracles occur. And on Sunday I got to be part of the service at Interfaith Fellowship, and boy I will tell you, church was never like that when I was growing up.  What a delight and what a beautiful thing that John and Diane have created there in the heart of what most of us perceive as heartless New York.  And so for those of you who are around, that are maybe on the east coast, Interfaith Fellowship and especially, if you have been A Course in Miracles student John and Diana publish a  little magazine that comes out I am not sure how often, called On  Course, and uh,  well worth receiving.  So if your interested in that you can contact Interfaith Fellowship at there in Monroe, New York. And I don’t have a number in front of me but if you want to do that, take some responsibility and call information Interfaith Fellowship office in Monroe, New York.  And if you choose to do that to get connected with them just tell them high for me.

57      Oh what a difference now to be sitting here on this couch  looking out the window at these beautiful trees and lake near Examentys  home. And from here I will be going on to Hawaii  to meet Anastasia.  Just talked to her last night and her Goddess retreat is going very well. They have already been swimming with Dolphins. And of course they all showed up on the morning of the first day, so that’s the way creation works. And would just love to have all of you together  with us on Maui  for phase 1. There are about 25 of us gathering there and  I have really, really,  been looking forward to  it.

58      Ah, I am quite convinced  that there is nothing  nothing, more important  than overcoming fear  and expanding more deeply  into  love. And that requires that we give up our cherished perception that we keep pushing the envelope of our comfort zone to discover the perception that we have used to try to keep ourselves safe in this world, to break up the illusions that we carry in our hearts and in our minds. The sacred  intimacy  gatherings  on Maui are just such a blessing. All of those of you that  have been there know, and those of you that keep coming back, must know that there is a power that happens when we gather and turn it over to Spirit and play and dance and cry and breath and get  real  and authentic,  and push that envelope to find the buttons  within us that are indicative  that there are places yet within us that need the light of love. And we all know its been so easy. We all have done this a thousand times. It`s so easy to turn away to find reasons for not continuing  the journey and yet the journey is all there is. And we will make it. That’s the great,  umm trick I guess. I once realized that I could not avoid awakening.  I could only delay it by choosing to hold certain perceptions  that seem to justify my running away from what I needed to experience. Staying put is everything. Staying with the experience that seems so frightful  or so uncomfortable, flushing up as we call it, accessing the very perceptions from which those very feelings are immerging. Staying is everything. Staying is the way of awakening.

59      So if you get the opportunity  to consider this, and you do right now, why not start planning now by simply setting the intention of joining with us next year at our Hawaii  retreat. Start setting aside a few of your golden coins now. Simply hold the intention and tell the universe, I want to be there with my brothers and sisters. I want to play and swim with dolphins and sail on the ocean  at sunset and swim in hidden jungle pools.  I want to hang out on the beach. I want to chant and meditate. I want to breath,  and cry and hug  and be hugged and bless and be blessed. I want to shudder in my fears and let those fears dissolve. Come play with us.

60      Also, just a  note, the feed back we are getting on the lithograph has been incredible. Everybody just loves it. I walked in the door here at  Rex and Nancy’s  and they’d  purchased one and  framed it themselves. Oh my goodness, its just so beautiful. And uh, if you haven’t already done so  I recommend that you place your order as soon as possible and begin to join with us in the extension of this whole idea of letting this beautiful beautiful  work of art become indicative  of what we all know to be true, that our friend and brother Jeshua is indeed with us always.

61      Beyond the lithograph project what else is going on. Oh we’re looking forward to our Santa Fe  gathering next December which will be the 6th through the 9t. You’ll  be hearing about that more in mid summer. Grace and Shalimar  will be there and Deloris Cannon has  agreed to come. She is the author of the book Jesus and The Essene’s  and now a few others. She’s a  hypnotherapist  who began to run into some people who tapped into lifetimes as Essene’s  at the time of Jeshua. And Jeshua had told us that the material was fairly accurate and very good and recommended that we read it to help us access our own memories when that worked. So were really looking forward  to having  Delores with us as well. We plan on having a structure on the property by the fall, a yurt  or some  such structure with a wood burning stove  so we can do ceremony  up  on the land  on the 9th of December following  the weekend gathering.

61      So again, just have an opportunity  through Shanti Christo to recognize that there is only one reason for being on this planet. And that is to awaken and to extend only love. And Shanti Christo is an opportunity not to have something  created for you, but an opportunity for you to participate and create a family with a  Buddha  called songha. The community  with believers  those that recognize  and understand that its by coming together,  by choosing  to come into relationship, to go through the challenges  of dissolving  the deep perceptions that create the need for specialness, to begin to develop an understanding of Holy Relationship. Shanti Christo, we can create the vibration,  we can bring forth the wisdom of Jeshua. Anastasia  and I can follow his lead as we have for several years, in learning how to provoke and push the buttons necessary  to flush up what has been suppressed so that you can bring  love to your own shadows, that you can abide in a more  of Christ. Yet none of this can occur unless you make the decision to begin to see yourself as Shanti Christo, to see that you are the one that creates that vibration, you are the one that can grow the family. That you are the one that can create the miracles. That you are the one that can let the world know that the lithograph exists. And many subtle simple ways in which you can drop pebbles in the pond to create a vortex of energy that eventually  will happen. We’ll have to hang out and see who hangs around for the long haul. But there will be a vibration of vortex created that at some point in the future we will reach a critical  mass such that anyone who comes into the vibration of Shanti Christo is going to immediately  experience their heart being healed, their mind being clarified, the remembrance of the truth dawning gently and easily upon them.

62      So I just sit and smile when I listen to people say, “well, I just don’t think its going to happen. And well I am just not so sure about this and I am not sure about that.” I just watch I’ll be quite frank with you I already know that its going to happen, it is happening, and its happened.

63      So join with us, come to Hawaii, come to Santa Fe. Continue to share the tapes, I know you are doing that anyway. I hope you are. What if each and everyone of us decided to share a tape, to share a news letter, to share our own experience with ten people we know who we haven’t done that with yet. Just for the fun of it, what if we began to say to our selves, how can I right where I am living, how can I let the world know about Shanti Christo, How could I let the world know about this experience Jon Marc has with Jeshua. I wonder if there are any radio talk shows that might be interested in inviting  Jon Marc on. I wonder if there are any new age news papers or magazines  that might be interested in a story about Shanti Christ. I wonder if there any organizations or groups that would love to sit down and listen to one of these tapes. Or are there any Course in Miracles in town, hum. What if I took some action to extend to be a messenger of this vibration? What if  instead of sitting back and waiting for Jon Marc and Anastasia and the board of directors to make it happen I decided to be the board of directors and took action to make it happen, to allow it be extended. Just a thought to consider. In the mean time you may rest assured, that I am going to continue to doing just exactly what I have learned over these nine years. How to go to Spirit, how to rest in silence, how to go directly to the Mind of God and say what’s the next step. Is this part of our darma, our path? What’s the next avenue? What article needs to be written next, what action needs to be taken to provoke and push some buttons. What needs to be done to birth that vibration on this planet? That’s all I am about and that’s all I am going to do. My preference would be that you all continue to play, grow with me, but if you don’t its perfectly OK. I simply learned that when we delay our growth for any reason the universe merely provides another opportunity for us to learn the lesson we need to learn. We can delay that process seemingly in time but we cannot delay it indefinitely. And in the end we all arrive in the same place. And even now I know fully, not as a belief but as a lived experience in consciousness,  that separation does not exist and that communication is constant and eternal.

64      So thanks for letting me chat with you for a few minutes. Hope you are having a great day where ever you are. Give yourself a huge hug, whistle a happy tune and remind yourself that fear is not real and that you are loved, loving and perhaps above all you are loveable. Yahoo yeah God. So aloha mineloha  to those who wont be with us in Hawaii means very very much aloha may blessings take good care

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