Friday, October 15, 2010

The Energy Body

It is said by those who claim to be an authority on this subject and what is taught in schools as the physics of reality, is that there is a physical world and that we are no more than physical beings in bodies that are made up of matter, which is then made up of atoms and so on and so forth. It is also said by scientific empirical data that we have one body and when this body dies we die with it. There is no purpose for this body other than to live and die.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! We all go into the ground and non-exist. The expression is ‘life is too short, so enjoy it while you can.’ It is said by our leading scientists and physics teachers in colleges and universities worldwide that we are mortal beings and that we have a life span that is limited in time and when we have lived out our life we will perish and disappear just as we appeared.
If that is so, then please tell me what happened when I was concentrating on something non-physical in appearance meaning not solid, but tangible. We were then as a group concentrating on the words ‘Jesus great channel of Light,’ when all of a sudden it appeared to me that I was no longer sitting in a chair where my body was and that I was standing in another body while my so called physical body which I could see very clearly was sitting down.
At that moment there appeared another body which I was conscious of standing in and this body was not dense, but was made up of what I could see, light or if you prefer energy. This energy body appeared to be self sustainable and appeared solid looking but the solidity of the body was also very energetic and vibratorial.
I could see into the body and what appeared was what I would call centers of energy that were radiating outward. Infact, the whole body was radiating in a white and golden brilliance that I could see. This body also appeared larger and did not have a gender to speak of or that I was aware of.
I remember now that this body was alive or again energetic. It had life moving through it and this life or energy appeared conscious or aware of itself as a body and at the same time the awareness itself could very well transcend the body.
Even though it appeared solid it was not dense and I could if I wanted to, see inside of it like an X ray vision.
I know you are asking was I taking any inducements such as drug or hypnosis and the answer is I was clear of any external influences.
I didn't know what was to occur, it just did and in this body I felt empowered as if I was a superman with superpowers of the mind or a super Intelligence that was not of my making.
This experience lasted only a few moments and then I resumed consciousness in the body that I have grown accustomed to and familiar with that was sitting down. The moment I thought of telling someone else in the group of the experience I was having, I then immediately returned to the dense physical and have not as yet re-experienced that body as I did on that day and time.
My question is to those who think they know and believe only in a three dimensional reality, can you as would a scientist create those same conditions and produce that same experience for your selves or similar under the same data or theory that supports only the existence of a physical world.
I challenge any one to re-produce that same set of conditions that was able to produce that same experience and if you do, let me congratulate you for being able to pierce the veil.
I am able to see by clairvoyant vision what I would call an energy form that is descriptive of a body but not a physical body with all its apparent flaws and imperfections such as aging, sickness and limitations, but a body that is energy or light and that is able to regenerate itself perpetually. I realize that the form of the energy can change and assume different shapes and that what is called the dense physical body is an illusory body that appears as a shell or a container of this energy body, but that is not the truth, this energy body cannot be contained by the physical,but rather the reverse the spiritual always contains what is called the physical and can only be held together by thought, just like the electrons hold the atoms together. It is not the physical that moves itself but this energy body that is composed of Spirit and not what we call matter and can leave the material body at any time by thought.
We might say that the physical body is the form or the vehicle for the outer man or ego or personality that is made up of an intellect, emotions and a body and the energy body or spiritual body is the form for spirit which is formless and in order to recognize itself it takes up a form or a body to use to identify its formless state. As the Spirit expands in consciousness so does this energy expand with it.
As I write, I am feeling these words that have been typed out have been given to be to explain this experience of an energy body that my intellect is unable to portray even though I do have bits and pieces through the intellect, but by the intellect alone I do not have the whole.
We are not bodies, there is a space that is always filled not with matter but that something that is nothing that is what is called by many names, spirit, light, love, source, essence and the list probably can go on ad infinitum. The point is that we are more then what we call these bodies and minds and that there is a far more superior intelligence then our intellects. This intelligence is not only superior but vaster than anything in this universe and beyond.  We do not just exist as bodies and grow old and die. There is an essence a soul and spirit that continues on and because it needs to be identified there will always be a body to identify it in a form of expression until that from no longer serves that consciousness that Individuality no more and returns to the Source. This consciousness has now expanded and as gone on into infinity.
Remember energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed only changed in form. This energy is infinite meaning in all things all forms of becoming and being. This we call space, is filled with more space and this more space is also filled. I leave it to you to investigate not only outer space, but the inner space of your mind. We are more then what we think we are. We are what is moving. We are the Movement. We are the light, life and the illimitable love that is the substance and being of all that is and is the Sustainer of all Creation being Light, Life and Love.
I know we are, because I have been given the gift of sight into this other world of spirit and if you have not already experienced this, you too can to have this gift of sight and see into this perfect world of spirit and mind.
Remember Life is a journey and not a destination.Remember you are the Light you are seeking. You are what you are seeking!
Enjoy the Ride!

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