Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Know the SELF (Kingdom of Heaven) is to know Everything and to not Know the SELF is to know nothing!

To Know the SELF (Kingdom of Heaven) is to know Everything and to not Know the SELF is to know nothing! To know the Self is to know all desires are one and all goals are one and you are the desire and your are the goal.

One can Know the Self exist, but that is the door of Realization, but to know the Self not only exist but is your and the Realization that you are the Self becomes one and in this Realization comes the Knowing that this Self is everyone and... everything and in this Self contains Everything there is.
To Realize the SELF takes what is called Illumination and Illumination take concentration and meditation. Illumination is where one receives the inner Light and when that light is concentrated enough and has fills you to the point that you are able to see the Self and have the Realization that the I that you thought you were is not You, but the I that is the Self that you are now seeing is You is the Door of Realzation and the veil of ignorance has been rent. When that happens the Self that you really ARE see you and in that moment you see the Self and you see the Self that is you seeing you.
God Realization is where you realize that you are the SELF and with that Realization It becomes you or you become one with your Selfand therefore one with the Universe and all beings and everything there is. In this Realization one realizes all desire are one and all goals are one, all paths are one and that there is nothing that is not the One.
May you find the Self Now.

The SELF is the great pearl of great price that all man will sell everything for. The SELF is the mustard seed that when fully grown becomes the strongest tree. The SELF is the diamond in the Heart. The SELF is You. It is the Christ and It ...is You. You are the Christ the Son/Daughter of the living God.
In the Hinduism, It is the Atman, which is the Son point and Brahama the Creator is the Father point and that means you are the microcosm within the macrocosm, the spark within the Flame, the wave within the sea, the drop of water within the ocean that always returns to its Source, the salt of the earth symbolizing the crystalized form of you as the cube of space and the grain of sand that is just one grain of sand within all the many grains of sand of all the universe that cannot equal all the stars in all the heavens of all the universes of the Universe.
All of this symbolizes your relationship with the Whole and the Whole is the Father and the relationship is the Father and the Son/Daughter and at the same time ultimately it is You because the SELF is all there is. It is the one true identity of all there is. It is your Identity with the ONE.

In Hinduism there is the power of the snake that is coiled at the base of the spine and is called the Kundalini which is another word for the Holy Spirit which is the power of the Universe and is the SELF and when this serpent or snake is risen one Ascends. When the Holy Spirit rises in the heart it become you in your right mind. This is a Realization. This is also the Illumination and where the eye become single and the whole body becomes filled with Light until all there is, is Light and in this Light one sees the nature of Reality which is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is You in Everything and in Everyone and this realization is also what Love is and is also the experience of Cosmic Consciousness the Consciousness of God.

God bless you all and may you find the Self Now!

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